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Well visiting the Fiesta of „Vintage Adventures and Culture in Latin America”  at the Fogasház wasn’t like taken a visit to those South-American countries which brought their sight-and-sound, wine products, yet indeed many could taste, see, learn much from the exhibitors information on the spot.

The outstanding wines from Chile is not a question … taste, flavor with its centuries of producing wines have earned Chilean wines a place of honor among one of the world’s finest. Of course the enviroment’s conditions has to do a lot, the soil, sunlight, exposure, temperature, humidity… (just like in many regions in Hungary with its special conditions for also premier winemaking … but that’s going to be coming soon in another update.) Throughout the 3 days many visitors can get into the mood having the South-American feeling, along with wines from the Wein Import Hungary Chile brought in association with the Latin American Association.

On of the highlights of the day was the special exhibition with paintings by the Chilean artists Mr. Patricio Baeza, the silicone artist painter. His works will remain hundreds-and-hundreds of years in same colors and condition as if they were painted just a day ado … so said Mr. Ferenc Keresztes graphic artist and painter also the teacher of Mr. Patricio Baeza. The painters have arrived to a new era in painting with an invention that revolutionized the universal visual arts by Mr. József  Nagy and Mr. Ferenc Kereztres.  In the past centuries if artists would have had known about the SziloKing silicone paint, to-day needn’t have to worry to be able to see, admire the origins generally, resplendent in the colors of the works of great painters … said Mr. Ferenc Keresztes graphic artist and painter and the teacher of Mr. Patricio Baeza.

La Tienda … brought really there Latina  mood with its colorful, bright, fragrant, unique artisan  ceramics items. You just cannot leave their stand before having a long look or buying any South-American items, as a magnet, decorative tile, bathroom accessories, Flower pot or vase, textiles and a gorgeous mirror, oh and the colourful parrot  or the butterfly almost just like to fly away in a second.

Ecuador … was also out to represent their offers  with the rich cultural  and multiethnic heritage. Adorable their handcrafts due to the knowledge and the use of the ancient techniques which have had been transmitted from generation-to-generation. Most probably needn’t have to say … Ecuador’s yarn and fabrics are the most known products, mainly out in Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, USA and Europe. Who haven’t seen somewhere Ecuador’s wood product … The high quality, diversity and creativity makes Ecuadorian wood very diverse and fascinate, made from teak, boards, balsa.

Venezuele had also a stand with beautiful hand-made items, worthwhile to visit.

Even though in between South-America and Spain an Ocean wash the shores, but Spain didn’t wish to be away from this grand fiesta gathering.  So Spain wish to present their presence by opening eyes to individuals to walk on the line to the Granada Spanish language school here in Budapest, Hungary.

Mexico tourism board presented a wide scale of unlimited programs to the visitors. Mexico City is the biggest and most populated city in  the world. Its history shows several expressions of its traditional roots. Cool building attractions, churches, museums and so forth.

Last but not least here a link I wish to share of the video taken at the opening ceremony of the hot salsa dancers from the Cuban Salsa Dance Tutorial Diabolica: 

There is still a chance to pop by and „spend” time in South-America at the Gear House „Fogasház” District VIII. 51 Akácfa Street –Budapest.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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