This year the 1st of April will be a special day in Budapest for 3 happenings!

1st. …  just like all around the world the first of April, is considered to be the „Fools Day”.

2nd. … it comes to be the day of Easter Monday.

3rd. … last but not least at all, the Átrium Film and Theater in Budapest will have

The Lonesome West „Vaknyugat”  drama play with English subtitles.

Location: District II., – 55 Margit Blvd. Budapest.

From April, 2013, the Martin McDonagh’s play The Lonesome West (title in Hungarian: Vaknyugat) will be  brought on stage not only for the Hungarian public to follow by understanding what’s going on the stage, but to welcome the foreign audience working, living and staying in Budapest – Hungary to see the play with English subtitle.

In the future, Átrium Film and Theater will stage the play one-time each month with English subtitles.

The drama’s premiere was staged in December, 30.2013. by Mr. Péter Gothár,  starring: Mr. Róbert Alföldi, Mr. István Ficza, Ms.Piroska Mészáros and Mr.Tamás Rétfalvi. This was the first co-production between of the Kultúrbrigád and the Átrium Film and Theater. Every since the first day of the premiere the house  was completely full, all the tickets are sold out in advance.

The Átrium Film and Theater, is run by the English Language Performance Theater Foundation, which is the center of the English language performances in Hungary. According to Mr.László Magács, Managing Director of the Átrium, a long-awaited gap has become to be filled by providing culture events to be seen by Hungarian artists for foreigner residents and those individuals visiting our country to come along, have the experience and enjoy the contemporary theater.

Mr. Martin McDonagh’s play is wildly popular all over the world, the staging of Mr.Péter Gothár has the sound whatever the tongue of the performance is, and since acting represents a kind of international language, those viewing the performance with subtitles can get the same entertainment as those who enjoy the Hungarian adaptation of the play by Mr. Dániel Varró which is in a par with the original script. The theatrical performance handling the settings with artistic freedom and conveying a strong director’s interpretation and vision may well enrich those coming from the Anglo-Saxon world with extraordinary experience.

Production Manager claims it is a captivating dramaturgic challenge to re-convert Mr.Dániel Varró’s translation to the original ‘dialect’ of English’ of the McDonagh’s script so as the viewer, while studying the subtitles, may also observe and enjoy the superb actors play performing on the stage.

The Lonesome West „Vaknyugat” with English language subtitles will first be performed  at 5 p.m. on Monday, April, 1. 2013, at the Átrium Film and Theater. Mind you! … it is recommended that viewers who wish to see the play with English subtitles should purchase their tickets in the back rows of the theater to be able to read the subtitles displayed above the stage.

Wishing you all a lovely evening at the Atrium on the first of April!

Tickets can be purchased through:

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