King Arthur snap


King Arthur Part Two-The Round Table.


Átrium Film-Theater – Budapest

    Friday, February, 08. and 15. 2013 – 7 p.m.

District,  II.  55 Margit Blvd. Budapest

„The Emblem” dominants ideas, such as the love of God, men, and noble deeds. „The Cross” is a reminder to live a pure and stainless life, to strive after perfection and attain the „Holy Grail”.A few thoughts connected to the Emblem of the Knights
The Emblem of the Knights was  given at a ceremony  being made a „Knights at the Round Table” by King Arthur. All the Nights worn the Emblem around their necks.

„The Red Dragon” of King Arthur represents the allegiance to their King. „The Round Table” was to illustrate the Eternity of God, the Equality, Unity, undertook dangerous quests,  protected ladies and damsels and Comradeship of the Order and Singleness of purpose of all the Knights.

King Arthur – Part Two is a tale about the Round Table!

The birth of lifelong friendships, and it presents the change from a young man to a great king. But careful; not everyone is who they appear to be!

King Arthur Part Two is the first project of the Budapest Expatriate Amateur Theater (BEAT).

There is a historical basis to the character, no need for a reminder of him as a legendary figure from the late Middle Ages. No question, he would have gained fame as a warrior battling the Germanic invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries. Since there is no conclusive evidence for or against Arthur’s historicity, the debate will continue … but what can not be denied is the influence of the figure of King Arthur who has captured imagination in numerous historical novels, in art, in music, and the view of the society from the Middle Ages up to the present days showing theater performances all around the world.

Here in Hungary, at the Átrium Theater, Budapest , in the area of the Buda side of Budapest a  long-awaited  English language theater performance will be on stage in with Hungarian subtile. This will be a superb opportunity for practising the English language and an awesome evening for the foreigners to enjoy theater performance in their mother-tonge language.

Be prepared for a great casting:  Roderick Hill, as King Arthur, James Clok, as Merlin, Liana Andrews, as Guinevere, Antonios Vellerefontis, as Lancelot, Madeline Damasdi, as Morgause,  Kathleen Meyts, as Witch/Sir Kay, Katie Benson, as Coba Witch/Village Boy, Gretchen Meddaugh, as Witch/King Pellinore .

The play is directed by László Magács.

Ticket  can be purchased at the ticket office on the spot: or further information through dailing: 

+36 1 317 9338 or +36 1 318 9844


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