One … The largest open air ethnographical collection of Hungary.

Two … Culture of the Hungarians way of living in the past and near-past.

ThreeThe First „SPAR European Cross-Country Championships

Worthwhile to mark the date and be at the Skanzen on 9th of December, 2012.

 Opening ceremony starts at 9.55 a.m.

  Closing Ceremony  at 3 p.m.

Mr. Hansjörg Wirz, European Athletics President welcomed the idea and  excepted Budapest to host the 2012 SPAR European Cross- Country Championships. As he said. “The Hungarian Athletics Association, supported by the Hungarian Open Air Museum the SKANZEN, has presented an excellent and exciting proposal to the European Athletics for an innovative course to be created and I am looking forward to a memorable 19th edition of the championships.”

The Hungarian partners,  Mr. Miklós Gyulai, President Hungarian Athletics Association and Mr. Miklós Ceri PhD. Director of the Open-Air Museum, Skanzen,  were also pleased to be able to host for the  first time the SPAR European Cross-Country Championships.

Each season of the year has its own popular sport events and by saying that, the sport lovers on our globe had surely had what it takes, especially enjoying the year of the Olympics at London. Luckey, time doesn’t stop on the tracks  for the athletics to participate, go on-and-on in their field of competitions, races to improve their score and reach higher goals.  Taking this in mind, on the 9th of December we will be deep in the wintertime, but the cross-country is more likely to be an event even during the winter months.

This year, for the first time Hungary will be the host the middle distances and the marathon runners competing in the same race at the SPAR European Cross-Country Championships. A wonderful occasion to bring together the athletes, not  to mention the cross-country lovers to enjoy an exciting and interesting competition.

Just a couple of figures regarding to the participants, the European Cross-Country Championships has 6 events which are the following: senior men 10 km, U23 8 km, junior 6 km and senior women 8 km, U 23 6 km, junior 4 km. By the end of the deadline 33 countries sent their preliminary entries. Great-Britain has the biggest delegation coming with 61 runners, then Spain with 48 runners, Portugal, Italy with 45 runners, France with 43 runners and Turkey with 39 runner. The Hungarian National Team will be in  competition with 32 runners. Beside the 600 runners, the figures with the team leaders and head coaches will rise with plus 178 assistants, so now we are counting 777, but that number won’t stay as the last figures, because the local and international press and media representatives are not yet counted in.

Be prepared for to be present at an awesome event where the superb athletes come together and enjoy an exciting and interesting competition. Mind you, last year, the city of Velenje, Slovenia hosted the championship.The Belgian Atelaw Bekele and Fionnula Britton of Ireland will be here at the  race to have a chance in defending their championship.

The Athletics, as a sport was always a popular sport in Hungary. Looking back in time, many excellent athletics men and women  have written their names into the book of champions of field runners. These were: Ms. Katalin Szentgyörgyi in 1998, junior at Ferrara, Ms. Szentgyörgyi Katalin in 2000, adult at Malmő, Mr.Bene Barna in 2004, junior at Heringsdorf, Mr.Bene Barna in 2005, junior at Tilburg, Mr.Bene Barna in 2006, U23 at Legnano.

Hopefully, this event will drive many local and international attention to the athletes lovers as to be present at the Skanzen, on the scene at the 9th of December, 2012.

For further background information to the Spar European Cross-Country Championship,  I would like to pull the attention to Mr.Phil Minshull – Inside Track/European Athletics article at:


Update by  Aggie Reiter

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