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Set your timing  from Monday, October 29 until Sunday, November, 4. to visit the season of  Halloween at the Budapest Zoo!

Pick a fun store-bought outfit, or just whip up your own look!

Why this Fall has so much in hand … Here it goes … “School’s out” … “Halloween’s out” … “Zoo’s out”!  In the coming days there will be a long “week-end out”fulfilled with interesting programs,  attractions for visitors who come along to the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. Even though Halloween is basically a one-day blast, this long week-end extend the time to the upcoming Halloween holiday.  Although during the season of Halloween the pumpkin is the protagonist, the Budapest Zoo wished to “light-up the dark” … I mean  to make Halloween as “mysterious”as it is in-and-around the area of the Zoo . This time, instead of the creepy carved shiny pumpkin heads the residents at the land of  Zoo, will be having throughout the “school’s out holiday”, pumpkin heads filled with each of the animals favorite delights served as their meals.  The press and media representatives were led by Mr. Zoltán Hanga, press spokeman to show a demo how the animals discover and enjoy their new  kinda service.  By the minute they discovered there is their favorite food hidden, placed inside the pumpkin, there was no question  to leave the pumpkin heads alone.

As also mention in the previous update, all the costumes, masks from children under the age 14 can enter the park for free. The best costumes will be rewarded on the spot with a little present.

Finally … for one week  the animals will be fed this way.  In addition, those visitors coming with a family ticket will receive as a gift a natural history DVD. This promotion is not just for the week of the winter break, but …  while stocks last …  in the coming weeks and months together with the family ticket, said Mr. Zoltan Hanga, the Zoo’s spokesman.

Ring-tailed Lemur exploring and their adventure in having their mealworms, fruit, and raisins delight:

Gorillas were quick in exploring … in just one click … what’s it about in-and-around the pumpkins:

Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

Opening hours:  From  Monday to Sunday:  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

District XIV,  6-12, Zoo Boulevard, Budapest


Update, video and snaps By Aggie Reiter

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