Programme for Hungary’s largest wine cultural event!

Youngsters, wine-lovers – Focus on the Young at the 21st  Buda Castle Wine Festival.

A new generation of wine makers has come of age. They are young, good-looking, talented and resolute, and want to show why their work is receiving such praise. This is the main reason why this year the Buda Castle Wine Festival is placing young wine makers in the limelight.

This year’s Buda Castle Wine Festival…

… is featuring young wine makers. The second generation has come of age. Perhaps … they know everything about grape, wine and those little family secrets. Some of them must have received the key to the big cellar from their parents. Everybody is watching them. Now it is their turn to show what wines they can make. One cannot ignore fashion and the latest trends, but our young wine makers set about refreshing the formula with both feeling and cautiousness. Their wines are up-to-date, but the tastes of tradition still dominate in them as in the wines of their ancestors. At this year’s Buda Castle Wine Festival, wine lovers can learn what the young do a bit differently. The presence of a young winemaker will be indicated by an unmistakable logo on the wooden stands.  And what is more: Junibor, the Association of Young winemaker, will be the guest of the Buda Castle Wine Festival this year.

Next to the Hungarian Radio stage in the Lion Courtyard, visitors will be entertained by 28 well-known young wine makers from 10 wine regions of Hungary, who are all equally devoted to making high-quality wines, and will keep pouring good wines into glasses both in turns and together.

 Hangoló – in  English “Tuner” – the world music concert of the Wine Festival is also the opening program. On 7, September, in the MOM Cultural Center, the unique Hungarian Heart Beats program presents the musical and cultural diversity that continues to flourish in Hungary on the basis of the traditions of the dance house movement. This exceptional show achieved great international success at the WOMEX World Music Expo in Copenhagen in 2011. The central role will be played by the “cimbalom”, reviving traditional Roma melodies and peasant music. As a counterpoint, whirling Southern Slav music with its asymmetrical rhythm and exciting duo of electric guitar and recorder will dazzle the audience.

… Croatia will be the Guest of Honour. It is widely known that nearly half of the wine makers of Croatia do not sell their wines, but rather only produce for their own consumption, which is also referred to in an old saying: “A man from Zagorje never sells his wine – it is rather drunk by his friends”.

Therefore, many wines that are traded are still relatively unknown outside Croatia. Hungarian wine lovers can now familiarise themselves with these hidden treasures. In addition to wines, the gastronomy and culture of Croatia will also be presented.

… Wine University again. On 10th of September, the Monday preceding the Festival, young wine makers will hold exciting presentations in a friendly atmosphere. Mr. Tibor Gál and Mr. Csaba Sebestyén will talk about the Bull’s Blood and Eger Star of the 21st century. Ms. Andrea Gere and Mr. Tomi Hernyák will launch a debate on where everything is decided: at the vineyard or on Facebook? Ms. Angelika Árvay and Mr. Endre Demeter will have a discussion about our sweet enemy, Tokaji wine. On Tuesday, 11, September, Croatia will introduce itself: with the help of history and culture, both wine makers and wines will provide visitors with a comprehensive picture of Croatia’s viniculture.

… all five days are about culture.Loads of world music, folk music and jazz. On the first day, the stage will be taken by the Csík Band, as well as György Ferenczi and the Rackajam, and VivatBacchus will sing. On Thursday, the Cimbaliband and Besh o droM and the usual, unforgettable concert by Ghymes will entertain wine-drinkers. Friday is to be an exciting world music day: the tunes of the Etnofon Musical Ensemble, Fabula Rasa, the Kerekes Band and Mr. Zoltán Orosz will serve as pleasant background music.

Traditionally, Saturday is the day of the Folk Music and Folk Dance Gala. The day will start with a jazzy upbeat, when the 19 members of the European Jazz Orchestra from 17 nations will play their instruments for the first time in Hungary. The main attraction of the day will be the Harvest Procession. Representing a real site and a festive mood; recalling the harvest celebrations of older times. The procession will consist of folk dance and cultural heritage groups in their unique folk costumes arriving from the various wine regions, representatives of Hungary’s wine regions, as well as members of their wine orders and associations of wine lovers. On reaching the Wine Festival stage, the participants in the procession will pass on the main role to folk dancers. The show from seven folk dance groups will be made unforgettable by the well-known Puppies Kutyakölykök”, and the day will be closed by Mr. István Pál Szalonna and his band.

A new development in the rich program of the Wine Festival is that Hungarian Jazz Day will be held in cooperation with the Hungarian Jazz Federation on the closing day, with Monamoand Guests and the Budapest Bossanova Quintet, while we will remember Jaco Pastorius at the Bass Guitar Celebration. The closing event of this year’s Buda Castle Wine Festival will end with the show from the Ricardo Salsa Club.

…quality gastronomy on top form for all. Thanks to the Guest of Honour, visitors’ summer memories of Croatia will be brought to life at the musical island of the Festival, where the typical ingredients and dishes of the regions will be served. For five days, visitors will be tempted by freshly sliced Dalmatian ham and the emblematic dishes of Southern Slav cuisine. Just a step away, accompanying light Croatian wines will make fish and all good snacks go down nicely: pljeskavica with Malvasia and many other tastes are there to be discovered by adventure-hungry visitors.

… we’d better look out as any one could be struck by BorÁmor’s (WineCupid) arrow. Those who are looking for a well-mannered wine-loving partner, but feel as if “I am taken” is written on their foreheads, should register with BorÁmor on the Buda Castle Wine Festival website. Every day, with kind, determined, but with moderation and good wines, more daring ladies and gentlemen will have the chance to participate in this game in the VIP tent of the Wine Festival. Ten women, ten men, three minutes of conversation, then change and change again. Three minutes are just enough to light a spark. Those who are averse to this direct way of getting acquainted with others can simply ask for a BorÁmor badge at the Koldus kapu “Beggar’s Gate” stand, in this way discreetly indicating to other lonely people that they are looking for a partner.

For the 14th time this year, the Charity Wine Auction will provide good proof of how those in need are important to successful members of society, namely the successful entrepreneurs in the grape and wine sector. The amount raised at this year’s Wine Auction will be used by the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service for eye tests and buying glasses for poor children to enable them to see the blackboard and perhaps also view the world in a different light.

Innumerable programs and services make wine drinking even more pleasant.

Arts and Crafts Fair with the participation of the Federation of Folk Art Associations. In Szent György utca (Saint  György Str.) on the way to the Wine Festival, folk artists present visitors to the Wine Festival with their trades and the ways of preparing items for use that are mainly related to wine making.

Families with small children are also ensured good entertainment and relaxation at the Wine Festival. Everyday, museum educators provide quality entertainment to children free of charge in the Children’s Area of the Hungarian National Gallery. On Saturday and Sunday, next to the stage, using classical children’s hobby techniques, kids can make fridge magnets and clay items and also try many hobby tools, thanks to “Kreatív Hobby”.

ACE Telecom will provide free Internet at the Wine Festival this year as well. This service not only makes it possible to keep in touch with friends and share experiences, but also permits the specific use of smart phones. The application contains the Wine Festival map, the data and contact details of exhibiting wine makers, the stage programs, information on performing artists and groups, recommended wine tours, as well as important information of public interest and other useful information.

Through the cork collection campaign that was such a great success last year, a lot of corks were collected. It was not enough for recycling, but the children in 16 kindergartens could prepare many toys using them. Those who bring their collected corks this year will also receive a gift and take part in a draw.

The Festival Restaurants introduce themselves. 17 of the best restaurants in Budapest will prepare 5-course menus on 7-17 September. Each course will represent the style of the chef who created it, and a carefully selected wine will be a perfect complement to each course. Table Free Budapest makes table reservation simple.

The main sponsor of the event is SPAR  Magyarország  Kereskedelmi Kft.

Don’t forget to make a note in your diary:

“BudaCastle Wine Festival with friends on 12-16 September”.

Opening hours:

12-13 September (Wednesday – Thursday): 14.00–23.00;

14 September (Friday): 12.00–23.00;

15-16 September (Saturday – Sunday): 10.00–23.00

One-day pass: HUF 2700

Five-daypass: HUF 7500

Source from: www.aborfesztival.hu

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