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Ten years of hard work.

Ten African countries to be visited.

When anybody hears about the 3rd World, the first thing that pops through their mind in hunger and poverty.

Late morning hours of to-day, journalists and media representatives were invited on occasion of the celebration to the Africa Foundation 10thanniversary. It was it was doubly underlined, the word help doesn’t always mean giving financial support. Love, care, attention doesn’t cost a thing.  It was also stated, that  throughout the years many Hungarian volunteers visited and attended building projects in Congo.

Mr. France Mutombo, Chairman of the Foundation for Africa opened the press conference by greeting the arrived press and media representatives saying the following: “The word AFRICA means:“SUNSHINE.” and perhaps can be said the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, is the “brightest” country within their incredible amounts of minerals which hides beneath the land. The inhabited gorillas, rain forests, beautiful mountains, great lakes, incredibly colorful wildlife, villages are all outstanding sights, that went through the terrible civil wars and turning millions loss of life.”

“In the name of Support NOW…”

Some known media personalities and the chief patrons of a series of events who have had been and left their footprints in Africa also arrived to participate at the press conference connected to the 10th year celebration of the Africa Foundation. The foundation has been and has continually projects to buildup schools, whereas the local young adults can open their minds and learn. Of course they cannot build a school, a hospital, an orphan house with the use of reeds, treetops or leaves. Bricks are made for proper building.  A grand support can be giving just by buying one or a couple of bricks (the more, the sooner it will be in use) which will at the end stand as a building.

One of to-day’s  focus  was  to introduce how can someone give their support to ”BUY A BRICK AND HAVE YOUR MARK ON IT” project. During the presentation we were shown how simple  the “online giving” is.

Ms. Éva Barabás, Leader repertoire at the “Focus” program on the Hungarian Television –  Channel RTV Club joined the buy a brick and make it personal, by buying four brick and signing thoughts online  the bought bricks together with the present audience at the press gathering.

Mr. France Mutombo, President of the Foundation for Africa, held a live demonstration of how any individual is able to show their support through the Internet connection by saying: “If you agree with our aims and you would like to support our Foundation, you can contribute to our work in several ways. Support for projects, support for students and orphans, can also carry out direct financial support, operational support. We hope you will find the most convenient solution to support us.”

The 10th year celebration of the Foundation of Africa was also connected with the presentation ceremony of the “Good Examples Award” and handed over to the those individuals who have done much to show their care by participating in, projects, prepared television reports in the past and in recent times.

As to the celebration of  the 10th anniversary, the non-profit organization is launching several exciting humanitarian trips to ten countries. Starting in October when wide open doors and windows to Africa can be visited in the frame of  “Humanitarian Tourism in Africa”  The visited country’s will be: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Could it be a more of an unforgettable experience to add to the celebration to the 10th anniversary than visiting the landscapes of  the SUNSHINE land. Here are the dates  and countries: 1-7, October,Ethiopia.  8–21, October,Kenya–Uganda–Rwanda–South-Africa.  22, October–1,  November, Tanzania( 10 Days).  2-9,  November, Tanzania („low-cost”). 8-30 November, Tanzania–Malawi–Zambia–Botswana–South Africa.  2–12, December,  Democratic Republic of the Congo. The costs would be 220.000 HUF,  plus flight expenses.

At the end of the press conference followed a reception, whereas African delights awaited the invited guests. Every visitor, personally could have their own experience of the unique flavors brought right from the grounds, of Africa.

Interesting flavors from Congo which really wasn’t strange in taste for us Hungarians. The fried banana eaten with mayonnaise is an everyday food in Congo, they aren’t the usual bananas that are bought here from the areas of South- America to Hungary. They a huge, much bigger and have to be peeled with a knife, at least that is what I was told.Very delecious I must say.  The Congo’s potatoes are huge bulbs. In Congo they, just like the grain are ground up, cooked as the mashed potatoes. Here we could  seasoned it with salt. The Congo tea’s  leaves were twice the size of a thumb. Served very hot, just  great at Budapest’s 29C in shade, but really an interesting smooth light taste similar to the “red root tea”

Last but not least, three teenagers, two girls and one boy were introduced to the press representatives. They will be shortly going to Congo as volunteer workers.

Leaving the press gathering was a kinda feeling being on a study tour to Congo. High and low figures were told, yet very interesting World. And as  the President  said: “Hungary is also a neighbouring country to Congo, even though the distance is far, we all are neighbours because we live altogether on one Planet.

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