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The Budapest’s Zoo is getting older but its external and internal appearance, also  its residents and the newcomers seems to enjoy their way of  living here in Budapest.

Even though the Budapest Zoo shares 365 days a year to go to the World of the adventures., this Saturday was a special day in the History of the Budapest Zoo by celebrating it’s 146thanniversary. On this occasion prof. Dr. Miklós Persányi, Zoo Director-General decided to add to this celebration as a small present to the little kids, youngsters., in other words, all those kids and youngsters whose height wasn’t over the 146 centimeters could go free of charge. Of course entering into the Zoo by crouching steps didn’t count.

Within the 146th year’s celebration, another highlight of the year was as  to open in the Great Rock the Magic Mountain’s „Varázshegy” Exhibition within a space of 3200 square meters. The exhibition shows the evolution of life in sixteen rooms through giant and molecular displays, fossils, adventurous games. Also a 3D cinema and a unique animal collection was to aim,  bring visitors closer to the land of „Mother Nature” The  Darwin’s Lab, yes, you can look in the microscopes and meet realities. Last but not least,  spend an amazing time by exploring the Ancient Sea, the Time Channel or the Hall of Giants.

As can be seen within the snaps the animals at the Zoo didn’t count on such a  heat wave, therefore they were pretty lazy. Even the lions didn’t sleep that night, . Were probably up all night and  slept during the day. The kangaroos had their “OUTBACK” day. The lizards were immobile, did not even have the strength to take one more step ahead. Even the Mr. Dragon got petrified. The hippo disappeared, probably cooling deep down in his pond.

Superb day for the kids and their family to have this trip to the Zoo and surely a wonderful thought of the Director offer free entrance to add to this celebration  for  (big – max. height 146cms.)  and small kids to visit the  Zoo on its 146th  Birthday.

Update and snap Aggie Reiter

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