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The press and media representatives were called to see the  measuring day for the Dragon, no, not because of entering a classy battle game. The dragonometria, is not only important for the scientific interests, nor for the fabled Knights of privilege. The operations are on schedule, “daily tasks”, carried out regularly both at the Budapest Zoo and the Botanical Garden. The Komodo dragon, also known as monitor lizards is measured annually by professionals so its thrive can be tracked. Irwin, the Komodo Dragon named after Steve Irwin  (who would have been 50 years old this year) is 225 centimeters long. This means that if it would be at London’s Olympia, it would hang down from the Olympic village’s bed, because the length of the beds are 197 cm. The Komodo dragon was placed on the Zoo’s scale recently.  Last year at this time Irwin was 191 cm in length, i.e. one year increased by 34 centimeters.

The Komodo monitor lizards “Varanus komodoensis”  is the beast of prey, often eating carrion, but eats almost everything that is on the menu list. Even the folks are not completely safe from him, as the monitor lizards grip by its  jaw can be fatal, and  its bite is also poisonous. The Komodo dragon’s mouth as part of a venom, produces glands and a  high concentration of  bacteria is in the animal’s saliva, which induce the prey’s blood caused by severe sepsis. Well that’s not the best news, but guess so these  horrible sepsis kept these species to survive the time in history. The main area where the dragons  live: Komodo, Rintja, Padar, Flores and of course one that lives in Hungary at the Budapest’s Zoo.

Irwin, popped out from its egg in January, 15. 2007 at the Chester Zoo. Irwin arrived to its new home at the Budapest Zoo in April, 2008. At the time being the Komodo dragon still didn’t reach its body length even to one meter.

Relatively late, only in 1912, Mr. Peter A. Ouvens director at the buitenzorgi (Java) botanical garden described scientifically the presence of the dragon. The reason why it was for so long on a  blank paper was of   the near by Komodo Island the  Sumbawa Island’s prison and the governor strictly gave instruction that the Island was in  private use. So, therefore that fact of dragons living in that territory remained as a secret.  The locals called these species the inland crocodiles.

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