The first to be viewed, the renewed Ice Bar along with the new ice sculptures will be admired in the coming days by Ms. Betty Balássy and Mr. Feri Varga, two “Mega Star” performers.

A little briiihaaa … Yes, at the Ice Bar to cool down in Budapest.

It is not just a simple attraction. It draws attention to locals and especially among travelers who are on the lookout for unusual environments and “B” shaking”  cold experiences.

This Ice Bar in Budapest, is just beyond belief. Most probably is also impressive just like the originate places as in Iceland, Norway and Lapland, where ice is simply a regular guest and ain’t a big deal to have tons of pure, clear ice around you.

On the hot days we are having in Budapest, where else to cool down and enjoy the atmosphere  having a snip of a hot-shot or a cool cocktail in glasses made out of ice as well. How awesome does this sound? The  place is full of ice furnitures and majestic ice sculptures, all is kept at low temperatures to hinder melting.

These numerous ice sculptures are master piece of art  made by Hungarian multiple gold medal World Champion  Ice Sculptor Mr. Zsolt Toth.

This place is a freezy paradise for those people who love cold, and are liter attracted by snow and ice. Guess the Polar Bears, Penguins and of course the Seals would give a thumb-up to this place.

Not to be worried catching a cold … you will be dressed as a “SEAL”  to keep warm during your visit.

Soon to be reopened for visitors!

Address:  District V. – 82 Váci Street Budapest

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 12.30 p.m. 11 p.m.

Saturday 4 p.m. – Midnight

To give them a call for reservation:  +36 20 966 6 000

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