A niche in the city of creating the WOKBAR is now opened to the “fast casual” lovers.

The PADTHAI food I would say has its own catchphrase just like of Ian Fleming’s, agent James Bond, as  prefers for how he wish his Martini “Shaken, not stirred“!

BUT here at the Budapest’s PADTHAI WOKBAR the catchphrase would  sound for me as:  “Stirred and Fried!     Yesterday, joined the opening ceremony at not another average food bar opening  at Budapest, but throughout the whole country, the first of  it’s kind, an Asian, fast casual „WOKBAR” press gathering. ”The main reason to open the Wokbar was to focus on the needs of the “busy city life”, were the opening words of   Ms. Vilma Magyar, PR Marketing manager.

The PadThai WOKBAR is not just only for the Hungarian gourmand. It is a cosy, an intimate, very friendly, relaxed atmosphere awaiting for every guests who roll by just a couple of steps from visiting the grand Saint Steven Basilica.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11.00 A.M. TILL 11 P.M.

District V. 4, Október the 6th Str. Budapest

To give a call: +36 1 784 5079

Visa & MasterCard Accepted

New experience not only bringing the taste of  Thailand but one of the cosy places I have lately been has opened with 70 seats, all together with the upper floor as well. For those who wish to have their lunch on the spot, no problem, but also kept in mind of those guests rolling by or being in a hurry,  having a short time of their own, who wish to take-away their meal,  sit on a bench in the nearby park, enjoying being under the sunshine, in the office, at home or anywhere else to have their treat of the day with their favorite wok dishes.

PADTHAI SPECIALS  – Throughout the centuries basically dishes have had been known as the usual daily food since the Siam ancient times. Basically the PadThai is a Vietnamese dish with the use of spicy Chinese ingredients, but throughout the centuries, on it’s way around the Far-East  the mixture of the ingredients had become more-and-more exotic. Spices from Burma, Japan, China and of course Thailand made it’s way to to-day’s touch, a smoother and tastier single dish that is absolutely fulfills the need of enjoying tasty food.

“From now on, no one has to fiddle at home – why would they –  to set their own Padthai nests and also in Thailand not too many people do it in these days. In Thailand there are on each-every-corner vendors on the street and you just cannot pass them without not stopping to fetch one mixture of your choice of PadThai” said Ms. Vilma Magyar. At Budapest’s first PadThai  WOKBAR bits can be purchased during lunchtime or for supper and also as a late night dining out, whenever anyone wish to give themselves a PadThai treat or to join there at a quick friendly gathering .

Would you wish for more as a treat?

Most folks maybe will read the menu twice, cause it is pretty hard to choose from the list of mouth-watering dishes. You will receive your meal after it is removed from the stove which  may only take  cca. 3-5minutes. No need to wait for 20-30 minutes or so for your dish to arrive to your table, as at regular restaurants.  Also, very handy as a take away within the WOKBAR’s logo card box. Even the box has a special  inside layer, that keeps the meal’s long-lasting heat.

There are two cooks, a Thai and a Laotian. They can be viewed as they cook behind the enclosed window glass and follow all the magic, quickly hands mixture the ingredients. The cooks use fresh materials, brought from local small farmers. The special supplements and herbs arrive  from Asia. Naturally, to strict quality control. The flavors consistent by Mr. Peter Rudas, the former chef from the Canadian Embassy in Budapest. In addition beside the meals, rare fresh exotic refreshments, traditional Asian soups and desserts are also available.

The minute you walk into the place, the inner environment catch the eye, that cannot stop focusing on the messages on the wall,  like short personal message, aimed just for you. The AMA Creation (Interior Designer several times winner of the Year) and Mr. Timkó Bíbor, recognized artist brought alive  his creativity and elegant interior, with a touch of a personal and intimate atmosphere.

Ms. Vilma Magyar was saying: „Our friendly environment, which was born from the heart was to make our guests feel good being around and with us.” Although being at the  opening  ceremony, many walking by folks already wished to have a bit. 

The manager Mr. Péter Rudas, the manager chief Mr. Máté Kanóczky invites everybody whose sence are there for a  jolly-good experience of delicious and healthy food.

Your guaranteed to have the following side effects: as health, freshness, friendly environment, fun, laughter when you enter and taste these outstanding flavors at the superb WOKBAR.

Indeed,  the PadThai WORKBAR has what it takes. The dishes are so delicious, many will be regular visitors and come by, trying the different  base, toppings and sauces. Eat throughout the whole week and will not get nor tired, neither bored of the tastes to come. 

At the end of the press gathering the owner of the restaurant invited the press representatives to taste the  orignal PadThai  that had the base of rice noddle, topping: mixture of veggies, on the top the Thailand-Padthai sauce. Out on display was the typical PadThai Tea, but I went for the mixture of watermelon, brown sugar syrup with crushed ice, and as Ms. Vilma Magyar told us: “The watermelon cocktail is a cool drink  full year around, almost like a national drink  in the Thailand.”

The food was excellent, the drink was so refreshing, surely reached my satisfaction, and soon going to have to go for another experience to taste the WOKBAR’s “STIRED AND FRIED”  dishes.

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