Papp Laszlo Sports Arena -Budapest


University of Győr Town Hall – Győr

February, 19. 2012.

At both scenes  the concerts start at 3 p.m.


For the first time in Hungary will be held at the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena and the University of Győr Town Hall a “Concert” in the name of  UNITY. The event’s  general patronage is Mr Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of the city Győr,also president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

It’s a non-profit initiative concert. Main aim is to support important issues throughout the Hungarian society.

On February, 19 the concert starts during the early afternoon and goes on until late at night keeping the popular performers to keep to take the stage

Our past and the future of Hungary’s current situation is a common importance than ever The common sense of responsibility for our future also connects us.

For the results to overcome, you have to fight, can only step forward by co-operation.

For ages we know that music has a strong connection. The music is universal, it he language of the people’s attention to draw to the common responsibility to our future importance.

In  the recent years a number of benefits concerts were organized in various noble purposes, but the Unity Concert is the first step where all the participants, performers and audience work together by/for the means to prove for a social responsibility the collaboration is a must.

This Unity concert is for the am to reduce the Hungarian national debt: income. After the deduce of the concert’s costs of the technology, the fund will be accounted to the ‘Uniting Against the State Debt Fund”

Tickets are available on the spot:


Address: 14th District – 5 Ifjúsági Rd.  Budapest

Call: + 36 1 422 26 82

Monday till Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
On the concert day the box will open an hour before the start 



Address: 1 Egyetem Square – Győr

Call: +36 30 458 9617


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