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November 18 – 20

The rethought of old home-made recipes came alive again by bringing back the old style country food at the hand-made traditional Hungarian taste fair.

The whole in-door area was like entering into the land of food…food…food!

Throughout the country, Hungary handled several occasion to hold festivals regarding to the national cuisines, but this was the first festival as to only have pure home-made tastes with the use of  also home-made ingredients.

The festival offered a grand variety to taste a lot of different food and beverage in one place, and to get to know, speak with the people who are involved in making them and delivering these dedicates for us.

The Fair’s honorary guest were from Transylvania. Brought along excellent cultural delicacies. The crown was to go for the spot at the  Erdélyi töltött káposzta “stuffed cabbage, style: Erdély” where there was a continuously endless line-ups for tasting.

It is fair enough to say the festival boasted an array of hand-made traditional Hungarian foods: goat’s and cow’s milk cheese, diary specialities, hand-made chocolates, ham specialities and home-made smoked delicacies, with also salami and sausage makers. Couldn’t be missed the  “kenyérlángos” (dough cooked flat bread in a cob oven), “kürtöskalács” (a cone-shaped sweet yeast cake with different ground coatings: almonds, nuts, cinnamon, poppy-seed ), “rétes” (strudel with fillings of fruit or diary), pecsenye (roast meats), and last but not least, the world of pure Hungarian fruit based hot spirits “pálinka distilleries” and the selection of winning wines and the season’s most typical winter drink the “forralt bor” (mulled wine).

The food was paired with a grand variety of wines and home-made beers. One definitely took particularly many folks attention: the Rose Hip Sweet (11.5%) Wine.  Have no additional additives and it is an aged wine placed in an oaken wood barrel. Highly recommended after a substantial meal as a desert wine. Origin’s from the city of Debrecen.

Beside the line-up of beers, the semi-dark and light millet beer was pretty popular. Also at the stand there was a bowl of hot spicy millet beer.

The organisers thought of those families who arrived with small kids. There was a special place for them to play with crafts and art works while mum and dad were busy strolling around and shopping.

At the central stage, each hour there were talks with invited producers of their home-made products. They also shared some recopies with the public as to set upon their table some of  these home-made specialities during the forthcoming season’s holidays.

The “Hand-made Hungarian Taste Fair” was an event that reached one of its important goals, as to show the variety of the Hungarian traditional flavors by the use of quality domestic ingredients.

Within the three days event the number of the participants were extremely high, reached the number of 15000 visitors.

Updated and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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    When will this year’s festival of food start to begin. Awaiting for your articles, where, when to go. I shared your web site with my friends and they are also keeping up with you.Appreciate these infos in advance.

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