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Unless you are a hermit, I guess I’m not telling you anything new!

The Corinthia Hotel here in Budapest had got surely something to celebrate: It was the newly opened luxury property of this year’s, the 5 stars Corinthia Hotel (“Sister hotel”) in London.

Corinthia Hotel welcomed the especially invited sophisticated guests to introduce and celebrate together the lately opened newest property. The hotel has all what it’s called the old-world glamour, while simultaneously offering modern amenities for today’s discerning travellers.

The name Corinthia was an ice break in the world of five-star hotels that was founded in Malta by the Pisani family. The original Corinthia Hotel was opened in Malta in 1962. Through the years it made a landmark in our Globe’s hotel of full luxury. Wherever you go around the world and meet the Corinthia Hotel you will see they all are operating at most intriguing areas of the world with its unique tribute to the local architecture and cultural traditions. This absolutely newly opened “London town” Corinthia Hotel became the 9th in the line of Corinthia Hotels.

Just like the Budapest’s Corinthia Hotel, the London one is also character with state-of-the-art amenities.

The Londoners say about their Hotel Corinthia: “Our Undisputed Jewel in the Crown.”

Even though each-and-every Corinthia Hotel around the world has its owns sophisticated marks and sights, the Budapest’s and the London’s Corinthia Hotel complex architecture are simply breathtaking.

Naturally beside many other nations dishes, the Corinthia Hotel in London … where else if not for London … serves menus offering the best of seasonal British cuisine in sophisticated surroundings.

The organizers made sure to pull alive the blend of high-class English traditions within their afternoon’s grand tea-party, as if you were right in the middle of London sniping your afternoon’s tea and crunching your biscuits.  Walking up the stair to the Grand Ballroom, a cherry red color mini cooper’s eyes look straight into your eyes. What a scene. The proudly standing red color telly box at one of the corner’s of the Grand Ball room was just adorable. The fine beers from the owner of the Caledonia Pub, made many their day. The Caledonia Pub owner wouldn’t have had missed to bring along his favorite Chelsea football club’s flag and hang it on the wall behind his “bar tender” space. The food was awesome, the real fish and chips from the old days, pies, chrunchy-munchies, you name it, that all goes with “Made In England.” Also a fine band played throughout the whole evening those oldies that once hit the top 40s.

Of course beside the loads of food,there was also a short video introducing the Corinthia Hotel in London. The selection of snaps were really showing the luxury of selected items at the hotel, like the gorgeous Baccarat chandelier with so many small globes. The presentation by Mr. Szabolcs Szabó, Room Division Manager gave a fully detailed information of this new luxury landmark in London, the “sister” 5 stars Corinthia Hotel.

The evening ended with a drawling and the winner won a complimentary week-end to the Corinthia Hotel in London.

If you want to be totally spoiled you can get it at both 5 stars hotels, here in Budapest and surely at the London’s newly opened Corinthia Hotel.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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