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“Only those who know internal peace can give it to others” (Lao Tzu)

Bella’s first reaction to the press was to express her thanks to all that had confidence in her songs and music that led her CD  to become a golden record!

Bagdi Bella held a dream that came true when she received a call from the Hungarian Record Association “MAHASZ ” that her “A GOOD WORD” CD became a golden record. As she put it: “This was very unusual, because it even wasn’t out on the  market when the number of sales grew so high as to reach the title to be a golden record.

Bella’s own words below are the most expressive way to pass her thoughts and as to introduce her new CD.

“Often we have the experience that our lives are overflowing in chaos, is in despair and we are confused. One Good Word is what we all need to be able to climb out of our “hole”  and pull on to our dusty road again” She continued by saying: “These songs came alive from my experience. I recognized and was able to feel what really is important for me and will take me forward. The songs have a special healing touch that can actually make a difference in our daily activities. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all within my songs to give a helping hand to feel your worthy, to be capable, to humanize, to cure yourself and to realize it is worthwhile to give yourself a chance, a good word in a world where the sun doesn’t shine everyday”. During the forthcoming  concert of she will be joined by Zoltán Kovács, Szabolcs Cseke, Barna Keresztes her instrumentalist partners, who played a part of their mutual concert for us.

Mark the dates in/on your tool to be at Bella’s Concert in the below cities of Hungary:

The concert tour last from November, 4 – December 28

 Dates and cities:

November, 4 – Pécs

November, 6 – Sopron

November, 10 – Pápa

November, 13 – Kecskemét

November, 22 – Szeged

November, 25 – Dunaújváros

December, 1 – Székesfehérvár

December, 3 – Debrecen

December, 10 – Győr

December, 11 – Gyula

December, 16 – Budapest

December, 28 – Miskolc

Now it’s time for you to see how much help you get out of this CD. Go to her website and see, hear more about it: www.badgibella.hu

Part 2  The press conference was about the following:


When all comes to all: You create and shape your life with your thoughts. All things that become a part of  your physical reality are first created in the mind.  We all create our own thoughts whether they are ups or downs. Nothing happens outside of you whether they are positive or negative prints of your thoughts.  So lets stay at the positive side of the street with the use of the MENTAL FOCUS CD.

Your life will get better and better when you flash your mind through being in front of your computer to pick for yourself those areas that you have the desire to step beyond and forward. The Mental Focus CD contains anonymous information, developed by IT specialist, Tamás Diósy. For  additional information see: www.mentalfocus.hu.  (In a short time the program will be edited in English and Romanian language). It is a program that can be quickly and easily uploaded to your computer by the use of Windows7, Vista, XP versions. You can select the timing, of how long you wish the thought to appear on the screen and the number of  flashes in a certain subject. Also select the topics (images) that you wish  to run on the monitor as to stronger your mental focus for the day or for the following days.

It works even though you may not believe in it. Worthwhile to give a try!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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