“Taste the temptingly flavours of the Hungarian food and  beverage”

Just and only hand-made Hungarian delicacies will be exhibited!

This year it’s going to be the second round to visit the market of home-made Hungarian incredible rich and varied tasty food

at the 

Millináris, Building “B” –  16-20 Kiss Rókus Street. Budapest

November, 18. Friday – 9 am.- 11 p.m.

November, 19. Saturday – 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.

November, 20. Sunday – 9 a.m. –  8 p.m.

Entry ticket will be available at the entrance door.

 Daily tickets: 1,900.-HUF

 Kids under age 12 free entrance

Hungary has delicious, rich in flavors and varied food traditions.  The Hungarian cuisines have at least 15 hundred years of tradition. Of course, as in many countries along the winding road of history, the local food had many influences. Just driving back to the times of  the nomadic ways of the Magyars, the invasions of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and throughout the Habsburgs of Austria all left their influences in the Hungarian fests.

No matter where you come from, many of us remember the taste of a home-made food. It might take you back in time when all the ingredients were out to be picked from the backyard garden.

Now here is the  chance to check Hungarian soups, poultry, fish, Hungarian bacon that has a characteristic smoky taste, dumplings “csipetke”, Hungarian plum dumpling “szilvásgomboc”, Hungarian fresh sausage “házi kolbász”, apple strudel “almás rétes”, pancakes, vegetables, salads, breads, desserts, cakes, pies, cookies and candy from more than 100 small producers  and  farmers  and that’s not all!  You will be surprised to see the grand variety of the “body” taste wines that are not all commonly known outside of Hungary. The beers are going through a “reincarnation” world!  Beside the basic Hungarian produced beers there will be also on your mark to taste the home-made beers like the millet beers, wild cherry beer etc. Oh and of course cannot be missed the wide collection of booze, the fruity Pálinkas and the “warmer-up”, the mulled wine.

So go on and a little taste here, a little taste there will surely make you enjoy your stay.

Some food your eyes will meet and hopefully you won’t miss to try them, like the Hungarian soups that are remarkable (in Hungary, a dinner isn’t dinner, if soup isn’t served), pastries, traditional stuffed cabbage and meat dishes. You’re not a real gourmand unless you’ve sampled cuisine from over  19 regions of Hungary.  During the three days Market,  home-made countryside flavors from our neighbours of the former Hungarian territories: Transylvania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia will brung along their own tastes. Definitely worthwhile to stop at their stand and have a taste.

You can also buy from the great collection of splices and  ingredients you need to cook your own tasty gyulyás soup that will warm you up during these cold and early dark days.

During these 3 days Food Fest, hand-made crafts, art and decorations can be  purchased  for yourself or as gift to your love ones at the forthcoming holiday.

I bet this coming event will surely remind you of your stay in Hungary.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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