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Was invited to a show of “tasteland” organized for the press and media folks to support with our voting  by our own choice of  Hungary’s  number one home-made food. The voting has been ongoing during the past weeks at small demo stands throughout  the  nation. The  final winner will be  heard on the 19th of November at the Millenáris, during the event of the 2nd Home-made Hungarian Food Market.  We were hosted by the Amárium  Bristro, the Hungarorum a land  of the world of gastronomy adventures. The Bistro is simply furnished, yet comfy where you feel you are sitting at home with your friends. A real friendly scenario, with  the country-side  home-made spices and ingredients decorating  the whole place. Sándor Kerekes, the chef’s hands are full all the time, no time for leisure. His name might ring the bell, as he was the one who produced the Nation’s hot sausage „Országkolbász” at the Buda hilly side in the Mathew’ Castle area, during the Pálinka and hot sausage festival of this year.

Before each and every tasting Kerekes, the chef told the invited guests what they are about to taste.  He surely played with his ideas of ingredients that you couldn’t imagen would go together. We were honoured to be the guest of these unique  delicious tasty fests of that evening.  Mr.Kerekes remade the Nation’s hot sausage again by two volunteers assisting at a table set for filling sausages and the guests could follow each step on the way to the final production. He is a real artist in the kitchen. His  food designs and marvellous selection of unique ingredients were something that you just cannot find in any restaurants.  The specialities brought our attention by the fancy cakes of Gábor Rácz, the confectioner. These two men in discovering unbelievable ideas in the world of gastronomy are virtuoso in their profession.

Of course the invited guest couldn’t have left without non tasting the superb art and tasty work of the splendid hosts!

One of my favorites was the Nation’s hot sausage (made at the spot, see the snaps) with millet bread  and for the dipping the apricot mustard.

The gourmand fest wouldn’t have had been complete without the „liquid food.  András Szilágyi, the brewer made sure not to  be too thirsty to fill your glass making sure your glass isn’t empty. His millet beer (5% alcohol) was the cream on the top of the cake: semi dark and  lager beer was pretty popular.  I am not too fond of beers, yet the semi dark millet beer hit the charts for me. So, if you like beer that is quite, out of common you will have to taste it, very smooth and tasty. András Szilágyi too can be traced with his beer stand shortly at the forthcoming 2nd Home-made Hungarian Food Market between November, 18-20. at the Millenáris Park, Building “B”.

Hope to see you at both places 🙂

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 14/11/2011 at 09:19

    After reading the information about ” Tasteland” my lamb chops and vegetables which are cooking on the stove at the moment seem so much less desirable than they did ten minutes ago….My mouth waters looking at and reading about these gourmet delights on offer….I hope everybody steps on the scales after sampling these delicacies….Those sausages are so large and one can only wonder how much heat they carry and the ingredients that fill them….Thanks once again for the report

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