This year’s guest will be Russia. Mr. Vodka, as the nation’s representative has been invited by Mr. Pálinka and Mr. Sausage to join the site and sounds at the forthcoming Pálinka and Sausage Festival.

October, 6-9.  2011

King Mathew’s Castle

October, 6 Thursday: 2 p.m. – midnight

October, 7 Friday: 2 p.m. –  next day: 2 a.m.

 October, 8 Saturday  noon – midnight

October, 9  Sunday: noon – Monday 2 a.m.

The Hungarian Palinka has more than a thousand years old traditional  in Hungary. Ask any Hungarian, they will surely say they have tasted it at least once. So you can try a snip, then again a snip  or as much as you like and you will see how the Hungarians were able to “survive” with their booze and their sausages through the ages  🙂

Throughout the two decades there has been many annual festival events of  Hungarian Food, Booze, Deserts arranged up on the hilly side of  Buda, at King Mathew’s Castle surroundings.This time it will be the cream on the top.

This year the Pálinka and Sausage Festival is going to bring new opt. to all those that will like to get into the groove. For the first time, there will be around 1000 tables on service to the public. They can be reserved in advance. Individuals can previously make a  reminder in their diary to enjoy the taste of many kind of Pálinka and the traditional Hungarian food with their companies. Surely will be a  great  occasion to spend hours, tasting, testing these essences with friends.

This will be a grand festive for tourists, foreigners temporary staying/working in Budapest/Hungary to get acquainted with the Hungarian mood. Of course the doors are opened for the local citizens as well.  The Hungarians know exactly what they will find up there. Yet many will surely be there to taste those countryside locally prepared various range of Pálinka and the special taste of the Hungarian sausages.

More than a hundred of 100% pure fruit based “PÁLINKA” and S/M/L/XL size of  Hungarian mild/medium/hot and BB hot sausages. Great combination to have the spirits of Pálinka, then go for the sausages.

Also will  be a grand variety offers of the Russian large spectrum of food specialties. 

The Palinka’s makers and the sausages producers will arrive with their specialities from every corner of Hungary. This means they all bring their own local booze to welcome the guests at the Festival.

This  time  a new “princess” drink has been especially planed for the  festival. The Italian Caffé Cagliari  and the Hungarian Angel of Copper “Rézangyal” will introduce herself. This Italian-Hungarian based booze will be here as  a  premier. Also the first time to be introduced around the world, i.e. the mixture of coffee-and pálinka. Now your eyes are wide open, so go and see, taste it and enjoy it.

During the open hours there will be live music to also make your feet tap the rhythm and fully enjoy yourselves. So can you wish for more?!?

Another “VIP” guest from Russia, Mr. Igor Presnyakov, the acoustic guitar player will be playing oldies from the 80s, 90’s, metal  and to-day’s pop singer’s tunes on a 7 strings guitar which by itself  is unique.

Here’s a peek:

So ain’t have to make a wish, Igor will be here. Don’t have to wish either for the Vodka  and the food.  Only have to keep one thing in mind, as to go there and not having  to have said at the end of the festival: “WISH YOU WERE HERE”!

To reach this festival take the number 16 bus. It takes you exactly to the scene. How to reach it: jump on the bus (O.K. carefully) at the end-station, at the Elisabeth Square “Erzsébet tér”, then get off  the bus at the other end-station at the corner of the Castle’s entrance.

The weatherman says it’s going to be a dry, sunshine day, just like the season says: Indian summer. Only without the smoke-signs, but the “light” smoke floating  around the freshly cook sausages will surely bring the hunger to everyone  that strolls along the paths at these huge surroundings. Your spirit will surely get high and you won’t leave the King Mathew’s Castle without not buying some Pálinka for the rainy days.

Well, I think I’m not going to spread anymore secrets now, cause life ain’t interesting if you know all the secrets in advance.  Try hard to make yourself free on the days of

October, 6-9.

and visit as much stands as possible. You will always cherish the moments of this event.

…to be continued after the event.

Update by: Aggie Reiter

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris on 29/09/2011 at 09:50

    After reading all the info provided I can actually smell the sausages cooking, I’m starving now…..Thanks for the update


    • Dear Chris, Pardon me for taking you mind over to be hungry. That wasn’t my intention. Anyway, you have to come around and taste these sausages proof these for yourself.!
      You are very welcomed to visit my updates. Appreciate your time and kind words…Aggie


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