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Around 11 a.m. the representatives of the high-riders started their galopp from the Hero square towards to their port of destination the Institute of Military History. Along the way through the Blvd. and roads to the scene, the traffic was on a short hold and only the horses clip-clops filled the air. Folks on guided tour’s: hop-on, hop-off and other foreigner tourist buses seeing this massive range of horses with the “Hussars” appearance of the 19th century’s costum made them suddenly jump up from their seats and grabbing, clicking their cameras and prehaps forgetting where/how they have gotten into this scene. Missed to look along their way to see the attractions of the Hero squares, the Opera House, the National Academy, the Chain Bridge and to view the landscape to the other side of the River Danube and the Castle area’s historical buildings. Probably, they will spread the word at their hotels and bring out others to do some hop-on, hop-off tour of tomorrow as to not to miss a show of their lifetime and that they won’t be able to see an awesom show anywhere else around the world. They may think, this is a regular event here in Budapest or a part of their sightseeing package. 🙂 Anyway, they were the lucky ones to be out there.

Shortly arriving to the Marble Hall at the Institute of Military History,  the National Galopp’s flag of celebration and the drawing of the riders took place.

Mr. Vilmos Lázár, six-time World Champion, President of the Hungarian Equestrian Association and the National Galopp started his talk by saying „I am absolutely in the mood and spirit of the national galopp already” He also said at the flag of celebration: “The national flag represents „one as a whole” the community and strongers the public spirit.

As for Mr. Lázár it isn’t an unusual mode to be riding on horses. He rides horses each and every day, but this time coaching through Budapest from the Hero square up to the hills of Buda along with the coachmen and horse-riders it was such a thrill for him. He was amazed to see the surprised faces, then the hands of the waving crowd,  their greetings, clapping, smiley faces, shooting photos, watching the passing “Hussars” and as they gain to see more-and-more coaches passing by. This was first occasion as a pre-event part of the National Galopp when horses riding through the city’s most traffic routes. It seemed like the pageantry “relaxed the drivers” because at the traffic lanes nobody was upset in having to have  had a bit of delay wherever they were heading.

Mr. Lázár continued his talk with some figures: “This will be 4th year of the National Galopp that has reached by deputy participants over 194 settlements. During the past  years, 12 new horse racing track premises were built in Hungary and hundreds from over the borderline arrived to this grand festival and more than a million viewers watched the race through television networks.

During the flag of celebration, the leader of the “Hussar” parade Mil.Lt.Col. Tibor Székely, traditional cavalry said: “The National Galopp is a horse race reviving the Hungarian “Hussar” culture within the military history of Hungary and we lift our flag high as to led us to faith, honour and courage”.

The second part of the ceremony was the draw of the participants to be in the qualifying heat. There will be a tie between each other at 12 qualifying rounds of a total of 72 settlements.


Updates and snaps by: Aggie Reiter

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