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The new horizon of art in Pécs – 2020

Photo source- Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd.

Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-Profit Ltd. held on the formation of the ZSÖK Gallery Division at its Budapest press conference on Thursday.

The Pécs Gallery has existed for more than 40 years, and has been a brand in itself for a long time. We want to revive this, to continue with the coordinated operation of both large and two smaller exhibition spaces. That’s why the division aims to have a distinctive character for each exhibition space told by Vali Fekete.

The Széchenyi Square Pécs Gallery will display larger and smaller national exhibitions, which are mostly related to Pécs and in some way related to Pécs. The m21 Gallery will contribute to these goals. At the exhibition 124 works by Baranya’s creators can be seen until March, 22. 2020, directed by Sándor Pinczehelyi.

From April, 9. 2020 within 2 months there will be a solo exhibition of ceramic artist György Fusz.

Also this year in late June to be held an exhibition regarding Space in Hungary (working title), which will present on the occasion the Hungarian 40th anniversary of space travel, more than a hundred works of art of Hungarian of which are subject to space, be it painting, sculpture, video, sound, installation and object, graphics, posters, film animation.

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