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Óbuda (Budensis) Cultural Center presents III. Fall’s Wine Festival – 2015.

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III. Fall’s Wine Festival – Óbuda (Budensis)  – District, III. Főtér – Main Square – Budapest.

September, 26 and 27. 2015

Participate at these programs during this week-end free of charge!

It is good thing that our country is not only  in winemaking successful, but having the input to the wine  consumption  culture!

During the week-end, the audience have an opportunity to get to know, taste some of the famous wine regions offers, while taking part, enjoying high-level shows and performances by music bands. In-and-around the Főtér – Main Square,  at the wooden houses excellent Wines and Jolly Good Rhythm awaits for a gathering of friends, offering also exciting culinary delicacies.

Hungary’s best wine makers on the spot, and their wines you might have not yet tasted, but by the end of the day your going to love it.

The Óbuda (Budensis) Wine Festival is awaiting everyone who are less in favor to the quantity, but rather choose the quality wines.

Here at the wine festival are introduce, a  couple of wines from different wine regions. Beside tasting throughout the two days on the main stage … Music programs will fill the air: Saturday, September 26,  2 p.m.  Bela Rák Jazz Band,  4p.m.  Bin Jip,  6 p.m. Blue Rabbit Hammond Trio, 8 p.m.  Hot Jazz Band. Sunday, September 27,  2 p.m. Group’n’Swing, 5 p.m. Myrtill and SWINGUISTIQUE  and  7p.m. Budapest Band.

Just to highlight two wine makers on the spot: The Tarjányi winery – Region of Eger. The winery is considered as the youngest producers, but already reaching step-by-step their high-quality wines. The proof of their good wines by the visitors was easy to see with busy hands in serving the curious visitors. Yes,  one of their specialities is the Sparkling wine the White and Red. These wines are kept in barrel aging, and are made in the traditional way, as it should be in the large walnut tree barrels. Their venue as they told lays at a perfect surrounding, and just to relax sipping the wines under the vine arbor,  or sitting out on their bench overlooking the sunset is something which you just cannot find everywhere.  Of course when the season come to do so. They also hold wine tasting for groups of minimum 10 person, serving two types of wine snacks and oven-baked hot food. The tasting cellar can receive up to 35 people and at the arbor maximum 25 people. Prior appointment required through They also produce grape jams. Szentpéteri Wine Cellar – Kunsági Region need not have to be introduced, already at a previously update can be followed here The Szentpéteri family own wine cellar collect,  produces from the best located areas their own raw materials from Kiskőrös and Soltvadkert. Due to geographical attributes having youthful vigor, light, fresh and extremely fruity, high-quality wines their wines are known and popular by the locals and had also already having awarded wines at Grand Wine Festivals.  The varieties of grapes reflects on the palette of wines. They are using traditional manner in collecting the grapes by hand and in use of modern technologies to form the white, Rose-, reds wines, which are characteristic of the region hungaricums.

Other wineries on the spot: Vincze Winery (Eger), Takler Wine Estate (Szekszárd), Psenyeczky – Fruit wines (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County), Laposa – Wine Estate (Badacsonyi), Gombai- Wine estate and champagne cellars (Etyek), Demeter – Winery (Eger), Csobánc – Wine Manufactory (Badacsonyi), Bernát – Winery (Tolna), Nyolcas és Fiai – Wine House (Eger)

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