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Beer – Beer – Beer – OktoberFest – Budapest – 2018.

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OktoberFest Budapest  – Kincsem Park

September, 27- 30. 2018.

District, X., 2-4 Albertirsai Rd.

Although Budapest’s Oktoberfest is not as big deal than the one in Munich, never-the-less it became the most popular outdoor event in the Fall at Budapest and each year the Hungarians are anxious to get into the mood to the coming annual  mid-OktoberFest. The past years figures show that the numbers of  visitors are reaching higher-and-higher, this was told at the press gathering.

The festival is going to move to a much larger venue, this will be at the Kincsem Park, an 84-hectare historic racing park .  For those who have not been at this are, take a Festival Bus departing every 10 minutes from Stadion Bus Station, that all day running through the Oktoberfest.

Two huge tents, an original giant Paulaner beer tent brought straight from Munich will ensure to get into the mood, have an authentic feeling. There will also be a Hacker Pschorr tent where live Bavarian-style music will entertain guests.

In the Retro Party tent you can party to the music of Hungarian performers. A taste of Hungarian and intern’l street food will not be missing beside the  beer pertzel (a crisp biscuit baked in the form of a knot or stick and sprinkled with salt.)

Available 4-day lease and VIP daily tickets receiving Paulaner mug.

You will also have the opportunity to buy Oktoberfest mug on the spot.

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