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Ronnie Wood – “Somebody Up There Likes Me” – Portrait film @ Hungarian Cinemas

Ronnie Wood – “Somebody Up There Likes Me” – original title  … on the Hungarian cinema poster the film title has a slight different: “Isten Tenyerén”“In the palm of God”

 October, 22. 2020. – Countrywide!

Mike Figgis  – musical documentary, which sets an intimate portrait film about the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood as a musician, artist.

The 82-minute film will be screened in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

The rocker, 72, had admitted that he “never got beyond 29” in his head and that he feels ‘cheated’ over life going so quickly. In the documentary Ronnie also discussed beating lung cancer in 2017 after 54 years of smoking 25 to 30 and claimed there were cigarettes days and made it to “get out of jail free card”!

The portrait features new interviews with Wood’s bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. It documents Ronnie’s rock and roll life from joining the music scene in the 1960s to working with the Jeff Beck Group, Faces and finally The Rolling Stones.

Ronnie the eternal survivor, will hit theaters across the country from Oct. 22. 2020. From the humble beginnings of a career as a leading musician in North London in the 1970s  as inspired by his older siblings to become a rock musician.  the film reaches the culmination of his fifty-year career working with greats in rock history such as The Birds. Jeff Beck, The New Barbarians, Rod Stewart, The Faces and of course The Rolling Stones.

Ronnie Wood will be all the way guiding the viewers through sincere confessions throughout his life story, his career in music and painting, also speaking to friends and colleagues such as Damian Hirst, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Imelda May, Rod Stewart.

The film can be seen in nearly twenty cinemas nationwide, in Budapest at the Pushkin, Toldi, Művész cinemas, Urania and Art + Cinema, as well as in several other locations, including Szeged, Debrecen, Szombathely and Miskolc.

Please bring a mask for the screening.

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