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Mummies of the World – Secrets Beyond the Grave!

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Exhibition to be open at the Komlex in Budapest

Exhibition open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

District, VI., 26. Király Street – Budapest

Inside every mummy be from Europe, Ancient Egypt, South America hold a story of the past, culture and civilization and the secrets now soon to be revealed on August, 16. 2018.

Yesterday, no matter how incredible it sounds but an unknown 300 years old mummy arrived in a smaller van. He was  under the sheet emerged to the  Corinthia Hotel’s press hall from the Natural History Museum – Budapest. The press members were curious to hear the professionals unfold some secrets, but who he was in the past  led to completely a mystery. He was found in the cellar of the museum without any documents of his identity. Therefore, professionals constantly looking to find out as many things about him as possible.

The Hungarian audience will be among the first to see this unique collection after the European premiere in Prague – said Daniel Bátyi CEO of JVS Group Hungary Ltd.

The unknown mummy has no name, so he will be simply named as the Transylvanian Mummy from where he was found. For the time being only know that the man’s body is around the age between 40-50 years. The state of the lungs refers of tuberculosis The mummy lying peacefully … watching the media as they have a close-up, look him at every inch … what else can he do! Which was almost astonishing that the mummified body has mustache, beard and even chest hair and hair on other parts of his body. Of course, beside  many others the Transylvanian mummy will be the guest at the World Mummies Exhibition. Also be out on display, the Vác Mummies – a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died of tuberculosis. As well, an Egyptian priest named Nes-Hor. Last but not least one of the most interesting finds among the exhibited mummies is Baron von Holz, the nobleman’s body that died during the thirty-year war. There will be 100 original artefact on 2200 square meters dated back to 1000 years old mummies.

In the Victorian era having tea together with the mummies was a kinda Egyptian mania in the UK. The Englishmen unpacked the mummy while spending tea-time on the spot. They worshiped everything that was linked to ancient Egypt. They believed and hoped by snipping the tea from the grained body parts of the mummy, is the route of eternal life.

Over the last few decades have had been developed an independent territory of science as a science out of curiosity in emerging mummies in many places around the Globe to engage in scientific activities in different disciplines. Also the analytical methods and the development of computer programs have opened up new opportunities for mummies. Today CT scans, with magnetic resonance imaging, provide a perfect picture of these conserved bodies; researchers can visualize the mummies’ wrists and look at the face, remove skin and gain glimpses inside the skull. DNA testing of mummies provides an opportunity to check for disease.

We also keep mummies at home so we were told. Those who have a painting inherited from their grandparents are having a mummy at their home. Paint was also made from preserved bodies. The “mummy brown” color on the painting is literally from the remnants of Egyptian mummies. This was in use from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, pigments were made, but this was banned at the beginning of the 20th century.

Find out a bunch of interesting facts related to the long gone mummies secrets. Surely be ready for an educational and fun at the same time. Tickets purchased on the spot will qualify only for same-day access. Other reservation possible through online.

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