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World Poetry Day … Budapest … March, 21, 2016.

Julius Meinl

Julius Meinl coffee and tea premium quality since 1862.

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Monday, March, 21. 2016.
From 6 a.m. until a minute just before midnight!

Inspiring poets day is held since the  middle of the XIXth century.

It is not a day to reinvent the sealing-wax, yet to-day dozen-and-dozen of countries celebrate the World Poetry Day when it is common to pay with a poem. A poem is replenishment, guidance or even provide relaxation even to-day when life speed most of us up. Mind you, you don’t have to be a poet … but everyone is a poet in their own way having the ability to be so and maybe also be surprised to see,  reveal  the secret as to be a poet inside of you.

Choose your favorite “Julius Meinl” coffee or cuppa tea and instead of paying with currency, pay with currency of written emotions by you. Try it … every sip you take will bring your own message, own fantasy … write it down and pay with that. This only a one day event so come together by inviting your friends, family, hubby on this special day.

Come along … probably heard about this before … anyway here it goes again … “Julius Meinl inspires you, and being inspired, you inspire others.”

List of Coffee House especially roasted for you soon to be established!

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