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Travel Fair 2020 … More Than Imagination … Hungexpo @ Budapest

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This year’s Travel  Fair 2020 hosted by Hungexpo has ended. Those who visited the exhibition could get to know cca. 250 exhibitors from 40 countries.
The wide range of international exhibitors did their best to introduce, present dozens of offers. Visitors could reach extensive local and foreign information on destinations, hotels and many other topics.

This year the City of Eger was the domestic guest of honor with its thousand years of history, charming buildings and fine wines. A prominent place in the heart of every Hungarian and by the time the foreigner hits the road to visit Eger will not be disappointed, no way.

Need not have to raise the question how popular amongst  Hungarian tourists to visit Italy, therefore was for the locals were more than pleased to see Italy Foreign Guest of Honor at the Travel Fair. Despite the health alarms going in Italy and around the world, the beauty of the country’s landscape, characteristic Italian cuisine, superb ski resorts and mountainous hotels the interest was high by the visitors in receiving information about cultural, historical cities, monuments and pilgrimage sites for religious tours.

The Great Market Hall of Budapest also was present at the travel exhibition, which is great because not only the Hungarian special foodies and folk art items can be enriched with foreign tourists, but for the Hungarian visitors can also get acquainted with the products, travel options receiving information during the “National Days”.

The small and younger children had their unique playground in the hall to enjoy their time.

Within the Travel Fair, many people could have realized their dream of traveling to Africa when the Africa Expo started planning and gathering information in Budapest.

At the Caravan Salon, the visitors have had the opportunity to see the selection of domestic caravan and campers vehicle which is the freest form of travel that is worthwhile trying for everyone.

Breathtaking ships were deployed to the large number of exhibitors at the land-locked harbor. Service providers, shipbuilders, sail boats, yachting, boat shops, Engines and technical equipment, Navigation equipment, Green Boats. design – interior design and everything you need to float on the water .Visitors can have the sailing experience on land! The sailboat simulator was a real sailboat that responded realistically to steering movements. Many were curious about the demonstration of knotting techniques, the solar powered race boat of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Lifeguard demonstration, the amateur boat-builders returning to the Budapest Boat Show to build a small boat during the four days of the event. The final boat will be tested in the Show Pool on the closing day of the exhibition. On the spot Hungarian Olympians and World Champions hosted while mentioning the annual Kékszalag – Rolex MSR – European four lake competitions on Lake Balaton.

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Herald News: USA Embassy Budapest – Discover America Hungary


In collaboration with the United States of America Embassy Hungary and Discover America Hungary held with representatives of travel agents, hotels, airlines, shipping companies and journalists in notifying their support, sharing update information for travelers to the USA.

The meeting took place at the residence of Ms. Jennifer Kane – United States Embassy’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Mr. Marc Dillard – Counselor American Embassy – Budapest,  welcomed the gathering and stated with pleasure of seeing significantly the growth of the Hungarian passengers to visit the States compared  within surrounding countries.

Mr. Richard Haris – Deputy Discover America Hungary talked about of the tourist season opening when the travelers are looking for new destinations in having plans instead of going Eastwards … now-a-days … Go West to America as a good option to spend their vacation. He also added, to choose where to spend the next vacation, is almost  impossible when it comes to visit America with a large scale of venues.  Spoke of the options for the Hungarians and other foreigners living in Hungary who already had second thoughts of visiting the states in the coming season. Highlighted, the coming largest US trade show for tourists  which will be held at the end of May and those Hungarian tour operators interested in America are welcome to apply by the end of February, 2020.

Mr. Attila Tóth – Managing Director of AVIAREPS, representative of Condor German airline (founded in 1955) gave a short presentation of flights to four continents in 80 of the world’s most popular leisure destinations. Furthermore, added  many flights to American cities as well. The Condor is based at Frankfurt- Germany and may connect directly to overseas flights from Budapest. The event was sponsored by Condor German Airlines.

It would be pretty long update here to ad why visit the USA with some more information in knowing US is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean. Anyway, as the time is running ahead and soon the winter is to change to the warmth season, just a doorstep away, worthwhile in planning to hit the road by vehicle, ship or fly high in every sense to a great country with great adventure.  Now-a-days really not too logical in planning to go Eastwards, but rather to Go West as Columbus did!

Major Atlantic Coast cities as New York – a global finance and culture center, the capital – Washington – DC, Midwestern metropolis Chicago known for influential architecture and on the west coast, L.A. – Hollywood famed for film industry.

To make the choice even easier, between February 27. – March 1. 2020 the annual Travel Exhibition will be held at HUNGEXPO Budapest.  Beside the presence of a wide range of international exhibitors, the USA will be back on track after many years of absence at the Budapest’s Travel Exhibition.  On the spot, the exhibitors will give extensive information based on leisure-and-pleasure, destination and soforth.

Fill your backpack, suitcase Viva Las Vegas … Spirited S.F. … Orlando – FL which is considered by many as route to mecca for tourists from all over the world.

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