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World Toursim Day – Eco-tourism Awards – Budapest – 2016.

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The tourism in-and-around Hungary is not only about visiting sights-and- sounds of historical venues and/or wellness venues to refresh and/or layback to enjoy recreation. Furthermore, locals and foreigners are invited in Hungary to feel the rich revitalization life at  the ecotourism  venues in the countryside.

To-day on the World Tourism Day  – September, 27. the ecotourism awards were handed over by Dr. András Rácz – Deputy Minister of State for Environmental Affairs  and Mártonné Kinga Máthé – director Hungarian Agency for Tourism  at the Larus Budapest Event Center.

The tender was previously announced to designed, provide opportunities for eco-tourism facilities and the managers for offerings on the basis  for local and foreigner visitors to visit the family friendly nature trails and centers.

The title awarded eco-tourism facilities operators – national park directorates, forestry companies, local governments, social organizations, social enterprises and private – could apply for ecotourism visitor center and nature trail categories.

Joining the competition, 12 entries were received. They were judged by delegates of technical working groups. At the judging  the main goal was how the facilities comply with the principles of ecotourism. The scores among others was the sustainable use of natural and cultural resources, authentic experience for the participants, the values of the area a thorough and experiential awareness furthermore, conscious educational and awareness-raising role in the establishment. The second round evaluated the tenders upon the traversal.

In the Visitor Center and Nature Trail category three winners were announced … In the Visitor Center category – two 1st place was shared by –  Tapolca Lake Cave Visitor Center (Directorate of Balaton Uplands National Park) and Pörböly Ecotourism Center (Gemenc Ltd.), 3rd. Budakeszi Wildlife Park (Budakeszi Wildlife Park Nonprofit Ltd.)

In the Nature Trail category –   1st. -Treasure Hunt Game path – Aggtelek (Directorate of the Aggtelek National Park), 2nd. – Alder trail  and Thermal-Ökopark trail – Zalakaros (Zalakaros Municipality), 3rd. – Miklósvári trail – Tamasi (Gyulaj Ltd.)

This year’s special award was handed over to company showing the ecotourism nature trails, exhibitions, design and implementation of innovative solutions. The special prize was handed over for the most innovative solutions to the construction company:Patkós Studio  – Tápiógyörgye

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