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The  2nd Gyulai Istvan Memorial  Field and Track Grand Prix in Budapest.

“Together with the country … together with the champions!”

Puskás Ferenc Stadium

Steady – On your Mark  – Go –  3 p.m.!

Monday, 20th of August, 2012.


“Monday, 20th of August, 2012  the 2nd  Gyulai István Memorial Grand Prix will take place just 7 days after the Olympic Games at London” was announced to-day by Mr. Marton Gyulai,  tournament director, gen. secretary of the Hungarian Athletics Federation at the press and media  conference during the late morning hours. He also mentioned that within the last year’s,world’s one day races, the Gyulai István Memorial GP was ranked in the 32nd place of the total of 334/day competitions. The programs this year will be in 16 to 17 numbers, and the organizers wish to invite also young children, young adults, families to a great sporty gathering and having to provide an entertainment day as a major part in celebrating the foundation of the state of  Hungary.

Mr. Pál Szekeres, Sport Deputy Secretary of State at the Human Resources Department stated  by saying the ministry feels great pride and pleasure besides giving a significant financial support to the arrangements of the forthcoming 2nd István Gyulai Memorial Grand Prix’s event and cash allowance in addition to support the lease costs of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium.

According to the information said by Mr. Attila Spiriev, sport director, beside watching again the Jamaican born, american phenomenon athlete, Ms. Sanya Richards-Ross , “sprinter like a bullet” will be also seen again by the visitors at the 2nd Gyulai István Memorial GP. There are also continuing talks with other world-class athletics. Beside the “reinforce” Hungarian classics, hopefully with the presence  of many world-wide athletics joining the tournament will absolutely uplift the coming Gyulai István Memorial GP here in Budapest.

Mr. Krisztián Pars, hammer thrower, gold medal winner at the recent European championship this year in Helsinki, will be in competition with the prestigious hammer throw foreign parties.

One of the highlights of the day will be the sprinter, Mr. Marcell Nagy Deák,  silver-medalist on 400 meters at the  Championships in Helsinki 2012. “Last year was a great atmosphere in the stadium, a great feeling to run in front of the domestic audience … It is not a secret! I will be there to win!”  told the press representatives with a wide smile. So we will see how wide our smiles will go.

We all can support and cheer for Mr. Zoltán Kővágó, who was the champion at the New-York Diamond League and who also came home from the Helsinki’s European Championship earning and well deserved his bronze medal.

This year the Gyulai István Memorial GP, will be connected to as a part of the Hungary’s National Holiday which will be more fulfilled with inspirations. The 20th of August is not just one of those national holiday. The Hungarians throughout the country starting early morning to late night will be celebrating with superb programs within the official celebration.

During this long week-end of the 20th of August, there will be plenty: sports, parades, fireworks, music, beer, wine, Hungarian gourmand lovers to catch up with at every major touristic point in the Capital and throughout the country.

Ending the press conference Mr. Márton Gyulai,  pointed out by  saying: “Also as a part of the National celebration, ten thousand small children, by escort can view the event free of charge.  The so-called “puppy tickets” for small children can be requested by claiming at the tournament website:

Deadline date: 12th of August, 2012.

The a/m  information can be useful to the attention of regular, bilingual, international secondary schools in Budapest and each corner of the country as well.

It was also told the amateurs once again can have their own race named: “How much you are running one hundred?” 

One of the sport reporters at this morning’s press conference slightly renamed this race saying: “How many gasp you breath on one hundred?”  This brilliant rename won’t be “unfortunately” the official name of the game, so sad … yet personally I took it as a new dimension in the sporty term. The race’s best eight “panting”  individuals will run-run-run, show how fast they are before the start of the  international tournament.

Following the competitions between 7 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. a welcoming show will take place by celebrating the international medalist guests of the London Olympics and the Hungarian Olympics athletes.

There will be still time to catch up to the bank of the River Danube, whereas at 9 p.m. a grand fireworks will take place as the  final cord to the celebration of the Statehood of Hungary.

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