Classic Aliens On Their Way Back @ Budapest

aliens on screen

The classic Alien movies are back in cinemas!

Here is a trigger to ease the hunger for out-of-the-world movie lovers to experience the science fiction/horror works on the BIG Screen. This time for even more limited time.

From the second half of March to the middle of April, the first three adventures of Ellen Ripley will once again be shown on the screens. The screenings of the refurbished movies will be held one-to-one week @ the GoBuda Cinema and @ Lurdy Cinema, which recently joined the chain of the Pannónia Movie Ltd.

The “8th Passenger: Death” 1979 will be shown between March 23-29 in restored 4K, which was made for the director’s version. It was originally shown in Hungary in January 1981 and became the most watched Hollywood film of the year in Hungary, only preceded by Vuk (Hungarian cartoon)and some Bud Spencer – Terence Hill classics, but even in 2014, Hungarians showed great interest with over 10000 viewers. It will be worthwhile buying tickets well in advance not to missed to the Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror.

After Scott came James Cameron and action instead of horror. A.K.A. “A2 – The Death of the Planer  debuted abroad in 1986, and came to us in April 1988. Since this was introduced with dubbing in the first place, a Hungarian-language soundtrack was made for it earlier than for its predecessor. Even though the film found itself in a much more crowded domestic presentation calendar (among others, the first “Terminator” and “The Winged Headhunter” were also released same time in Hungary. It was still the 4th most watched title of the year, which is an improvement in this respect, since Alien 5.  The sequel, is here a good 20 minutes longer,  and out to view from March, 30.  to April ,5., but a digital renovation of the director’s version will be screened with even more playing time.

In the following program week, between April, 6-12, the finale of the event will be The Final Solution: Death, which was already shown here in its original year in1992, from which a renewed version of the extended cut will also be shown on the cinema screen, but however, has nothing to do with its director. Originally, David Fincher‘s roughly 2-hour movie debut was also held in domestic cinemas. It will be on screen as in a package for the first time since its distribution 31 years ago.

The films will mainly run in sync, however during the weekends there will also be a one-on-one subtitled option for each part in the two cinemas, so for the English ears will be an awesome experience to hear through their mother tongue language. 

For Harry Potter movie lovers – keep your eyes wide open cause Pannónia Movie Ltd. is already preparing for its next series of similar screenings with an iconic film series from the 80s.

Keep in mind the age limit – above 18 yrs. old.

Distributed by Pannonia Movie Ltd.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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