Temples of Art – Exhibition on Screen – Goya’s masterpieces 2023.

GOYA Temple of Art series Pannonia Entertainment

The latest series of art exhibitions premiere of the Temples of Art continues. Filmed in HD and screening in cinemas worldwide and this year at the end of March the film will arrive to Budapest and at other Hungary’s cinemas.

Francisco Goya is Spain’s most celebrated artist and considered the father of modern art. Not only a brilliant observer of everyday life and Spain’s troubled past, he is a gifted portrait painter and social commentator par excellence.

José Luis López Linares – Director of the highly successful art film Bosch – The Garden of Delights, traces the dominant figure of Spanish painting. Spectacular documentary film brings the portraits, including revealing letters and a unique exhibition of masterpieces from great collections. The viewers can catch up to the close view of the paintings of Francisco Goya.  Even then, the viewer can become a travel companion of another brilliant creator. Jean-Claude Carrière – Screenwriter who died last year – a former co-creator of Luis Buñuel, Milos Forman, Volker Schlöndorff – as an excellent connoisseur of Goya’s work, guides the audience through the unique work of the Spanish master. To solve the mystery of the genius of the period, he travels to Spain one last time and visits the sites related to Goya’s life and his most important works. His personality creates a close connection between the great personalities of cinematography, literature and music, who have one thing in common: Goya’s work was decisive for all of them.

In the film can join to travel Spain on Carrière’s side. Arrive to the Prado, then to Goya’s birthplace, a village in Aragon, to the La Cartuja apartment house near Zaragoza, which houses Goya’s frescoes; and nearly thirty additional locations where Goya’s significant works can be found. Standing in front of his paintings or flipping through the book containing his revolutionary engravings, Carrière makes pointed observations. He points to Goya’s effort to allow the poor, the imprisoned and the miserable to be seen. His eyesight, which was only strengthened by his deafness. For the Enlightenment’s rebellion against reason, which showed the stigmata of a mad world.

The documentary presented in the Classics section of Cannes 2022 combines three life paths with the visit of the doyen of French films, Jean-Claude Carrière to Spain: Carrière’s, Buñuel’s and Goya’s.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment

Recommendation by Aggie Reiter

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