Extended Temporary Exhibition Entitled Alternative Cosmos @ Zsolnay Cultural Quarter – Pécs

Űr exhibition at Pécs

The temporary exhibition titled “ŰR” – SPACE the alternative cosmos has been extended until September, 25. 2022. and awaits those who are thirsty for space experiences in the m21 Gallery of the numerous domestic private collections, or works made especially for this in the form of unique installations. All of the works of art are related to outer space, and there is even a work of art that literally: follows a space probe orbiting the earth, detects its presence and makes it all perceptible to us with artistic means (visual elements and sounds) (Lóránd Széchenyi- Nagy: Kozmikus Frekvensiák – Solar Probe / his site-specific installation M21).
Visitors can also get a taste of the accounts following the landing on the Moon, which questioned and organized the landing on the Moon under artificial conditions. Not to mention the clips, animated films or contemporary TV series that all present the ideas of space from the 60s and 70s, and among which the scientific slide film cannot be missing!
One of the most exciting parts of the exhibition is that visitors can try on Antal Lakner’s Passive Dress installation, which is both surprising and interactive, as the dress stuffed with weights is meant to simulate twice the gravity of the earth, so they can experience what astronauts experience under the weight of the gravitational force on their bodies during a rocket launch they felt.

A special acoustic and visual experience is the video installation by Sándor Vály and Éva Polgár, which records and plays the Milky Way constellation on the organ! But classic works of art and paintings are also not missing from the exhibition, the rooms of which can be approached after the docking (Gyula Várnai’s video installation) through strange sluices (the works of Gryllus Ábris, Balázs Deim, Ottó Vincze and Lajos Csontó) and separated by these for example, the thematic rooms entitled Planet of Observers, Space Museum, Invisible Planets and Domesticated Constellations.

At the end of the exhibition, Lili Pethő‘s cosmic-themed posters move with the help of a mobile phone application, and visitors can even send a message from space, during which they act as astronauts. or they can take a picture together with aliens.

Astronomer László Kiss and László Százados, curator of the exhibition, will give a guided tour during the Szamárfül Festival on August, 27 from 5 p.m. entitled Invisible Planets.

It promises to be an interesting program for families and children to see outer space and the Globe we live in from a different perspective.

Calling attention by Aggie Reiter

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