Gypsy Folklore – “IT’S NOT PAST” – National Dance Theater – Budapest

Tuesday, March, 1.  – 7.30 p.m.

District, II., 16-20 Kis Rókus Street – Budapest

One-time show

The Danube Dance Workshop will present its latest performance with the dancers and guest performers of the Danube Art Ensemble in less than a week.

On March 1, their show entitled Never Passing, which feeds mostly on the world of gypsy folklore, will debut on the stage of the National Dance Theater. The new performance of the Danube Dance Workshop revolves around mysticism and transience.

During the production, which is nourished by gypsy folklore, magic songs and songs in the language of folk dance and contemporary dance guide the viewer and the listener.
The performance is imbued with shivering, fear of passing away, the mystery of death, incomprehensibility, but also the passionate joy of life and the courageous confrontation with passing, in which the hope of inheritance lies.

Update. Aggie Reiter

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