Miskolc During the Advent Period

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Miskolc continues to be visited throughout the winter season with several venues to visit.

Those interested in the big city of Northern Hungary will not be left without offers during the winter. For years, Miskolc has been striving to live in the minds of those who want to relax as a four-season destination, a place worth visiting in any month of the year, because something exciting and extraordinary always happens.

The biggest attraction of the Advent period is Advent tram, which started its journey for the 10th time this year. The electric gingerbread house is waiting for the little ones and the big ones who want to be enchanted, with a fabulously decorated interior decorated in golden colors. The tram route is also home to the city’s Advent Fair, which is surrounded by light-strewn trees and light-painted buildings.

Miskolc is in a really lucky position, the Bükk Mountains offer invigorating tours all year round, you can enjoy a beautiful sunny, blue panorama even on foggy, gray days, looking down from the peaks higher than 900 meters. The Bánkút Ski Resort lovers of winter sports can find a home in one of the accommodations in Miskolc or Bükk and take part in the city’s cultural events in addition to physical refreshment institutions.

The winter months also include bathing experiences, in which case it is especially good to take a dip in the warm thermal pools. For bathing in the recreation area of ​​Miskolctapolca in the famous European Cave Bath and the Ellipsum Adventure where the guests are welcome to use the beach bath.

As the shadow of the pandemic that has lasted for almost a year and a half is still cast on tourism, it is vital that there are sights and experiences that they can be safely visited in accordance with regulations and are a lasting memory even on colder days.

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