Creppy’s “Palacsinta” Pancake from Miskolc to Las Vegas

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Participated upon invitation at the Creepy „Palacsinta” Pancake House at the City of Miskolc – Northern region of Hungary. Our host was the owner – brand creatorv Ms. Réka Oszlánczi who introduced us into the history of Creppy itself by adding her way by characterizing the venue as „Creppy the Pancake Disneyland.”

Just for a second let’s talk about the birth of the „Palacsinta” Pancake … Most food historians say that the earliest pancake-like dish, was made by Romans in the 1st century CE from milk, flour, egg, and spices.The Ancient Romans called their fried concoctions alia dulcia – Latin for “other sweets”. These were much different from what are known as pancakes today.

Many are aware of the widely made around the World of Pancakes, but each country has difference between pancakes-and-pancakes. In Hungary today some still continue to prepare the tradition pancakes by filling home-made plum or paricot jam or sweet cottage cheese, and you’ll usually find them served up as dessert … (just as the Gundel Palacsinta but that is another story).

Of course once the visitors experienced the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake they will surely taste another dimension of “Palacsinta” -Pancake!

Creepy journey on the road to fame from the City of Miskolc -Hungary to Las Vegas – USA … Why? Read onwards…

The small family business was born and leading an unique specialty gastronomy since 2006 … Just 15 years ago! Since then the flavor of a unique world. Not only has the news spread, but the sublime flavor of Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancakes itself has proven to be the Queen in the world of special flavors.

Besides the tourist attractions of Miskolc, it would be a sin to miss the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House!  It ain’t easy to simply speak about the experience. The tasty delights speak for themselves and a must visit venue by everyone rolling over to Miskolc.

The word for pancake in Hungarian is “Palacsinta”. The Hungarian pancakes are thin and crepe-like. Here at the Creepy House all yummies are wrapped in pancake. Are both served sweet and salty options which makes them stand out among the rest of pancakes around the world. Besides the tourist attractions of Miskolc, it would be a sin to miss the Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House!  It ain’t easy to simply speak about the experience. The tasty delights speak for themselves and a must visit venue by everyone rolling over to Miskolc.

The pancakes are heavenly delicous for breakfast – appetizers – lunch – supper or simply serve your body eager for sweeties or salty pancake. Entering into the Creppy “Palacsinta” Pancake House you can get to know and taste the thousand faces of pancakes. What is really unique at the Miskolc Pancake „Palacsinta” House is that instead of of breading (flour/eggs/breadcrums) they covering pork meat, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese or cheese etc. the meals wrapped in pancakes. The pancake dishes base on the traditional Hungarian and also international flavors which means absolutely Made in Hungary and are absolute wildly popular, furthermore gluten-free, flour-sensitive people can also consume it.

It may happen a visitor or tourist cannot find easily the route to Creppy, because the streets have hardly no names (just as in Dublin) but ask anyone where the road leads to he Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House and Bingo you got it!

The restaurant’s founding owner, Réka Oszlánczi earned the Hope of the Future Special Award in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category in 2014. She is also the creator of Creppy Pancake House, and a member of the International Franchise Association and Vice President of FIVOSZ.

The Miskolc Creppy, one of the best in Europe, represented Hungary at the world competition in Las Vegas, where it was selected as one of the 12 most promising franchise concepts in the world. Creppy’s franchise system has been named among the world’s best at the International Franchise Association (IFA) annual congress.

In 2020 Creppy’s founder, Ms Réka Oszlánczi, received the ‘Miskolc City Tourism Award’ from the city of Miskolc for her contribution to the revival and revitalisation of tourism in the city of Miskolc.

Overview of the presentation … Have won several national and international awards (see slideshow). The franchise concepts of several innovative Hungarian companies from Hungary and abroad have been recognized. Redefined the very essence of catering and proved that pancakes can satisfy any culinary need. Over the past 15 years they have cooked at least 1 million pancakes in their now high-tech equipped kitchen. She also said onwards Q.:”Thee regulars of the increasingly successful Hungarian brand consumed more than 48,370 pancakes last year, 2/3 of which were salty pancakes. The popularity of salty flavors are most liked by the Hungarians respondents within the research were 18.2% and 12.1% preferring sweet Creppy pancakes. The facts show that the work invested has paid off. Over the past 15 years, the pancake-based catering business has grown to become a major player in the region. A well-established franchise system can also bring success to business partners. There are a good number of interested parties not only from Hungary but also from abroad, as the know-how speaks for itself. The company, now known as the Creppy Center, which also has a pancake center, offers a recipe for success to like-minded partners with similar values. he pancake brand is characterized by more than 300 own recipes, unique flavors and creative uses. The 15 types of Creppy ingredients will soon be available in retail. Through the application the customers can order their meal at their table. The Creppy “Palacsinta” Pancake House opened in Debrecen in 2019, then Gyula in 2020, which were forced to close due to Covid.

Thereafter, immediately to the sudden change in circumstances switched to home delivery. On March 28, 2020 at Miskolc had to close, however managed to keep the 20 employees for external orders.
Traffic fell by 30-40% but somehow they remained to carry on. They have a good team and have ongoing training.

As Ms. Réka Oszlánczi stated This could also be a milestone for Hungarian gastronomy, as our country is not only famous for goulash and red pepper, but also for its special pancakes, thanks to the Miskolc-based company.

The Creppy Center is a multifunctional experience center in the heart of Miskolc, next to the „PalacsintaHáz” – Pancake House, which can host weddings and corporate events. Equipped with high-tech equipment, the multifunctional complex includes an event hall for up to 100 people, which can host large-scale events. The center, tastefully decorated in Creppy design, also serves as a franchise training and operating base. Creppy continues to support DVTK’s women’s basketball team.

The highly successful Creppy wine has also recently made its debut, a special wine from the emerging Bükk Wine Region.

In the past 15 years, there has been made more than 1 million crepes – „Palacsinta”, 2/3 of which were savoury crepes, so you could say that Hungarians are rather ‘salty’ in taste when it comes to “Palacsinta” – Pancake.

Mr. Zoltán Reimann – local historian, explained the recipe for success: “Réka Oszlánczi, the founder-owner of Creppy Pancake House, is one of the most talented young entrepreneurs in the country and works extremely hard for her business. She is a confident, professional businesswoman, who radiates a desire to do something and a love of the city.

Creppy’s 15th Birthday was celebrated in a great atmosphere, with Réka Oszlánczi, founder-owner, enchanting everyone with her passionate summary. We toured the Creppy Center event center, saw the Creppy’s Showed the Pancake Eater Wall of Fame and the awards the restaurant has received over the years.  Pancake Patrik is Creppy’s very own mascot character and as said is a family favorit. Patrik Pancake told a pancake story about his gastronomic travels abroad. On special events he entertains the kids, tells them about his gastronomic travels abroad.

The Creppy „Palacsinta” Pancake House invited the press representatives with a taste of three different (salty and sweet) pancake-based, mouthwatering flavours dishes. Actually, it is pretty impossible to express in words the effects that the taste buds have had the experience …. it was majestic!

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