The concert film of the K-pop world star Blackpink @ Hungary’s cinemas

del-koreai top világpremier

Simultaneously with the world premiere, on August 4 and 8, a film about a top-ranked South Korean Girl’s Band celebrating the 5th anniversary of its formation will arrive in Hungarian cinemas. Blackpink – The Movie awaits fans of the genre in more than 30 cinemas nationwide, including all Cinema City cinemas, with live recordings and personal interviews.

South Korean Blackpink is currently the most popular female band in the world, as part of the world-famous success story of K-pop (Korean pop music) along with the BTS boy band, they represent the pinnacle of the genre. During their careers under the auspices of South Korea’s largest entertainment company, YG Entertainment, since 2016, they have already broken a number of Guinness records, including producing the most Youtube video views in 24 hours. Their most watched videos have well over 1 billion viewers of the female bands, they have the most subscribers on Youtube and Spotify. The band’s new album, released in the fall of 2020, received more than 1 million pre-orders in just a few hours.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have gained a huge fan base since their debut performance on August 8, 2016. With their unique style and spectacular performances, the band has risen to become one of the biggest stars of South Korean pop music in Hungary and attracted attention from the music world. In 2021, the band will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a brand new film that, in addition to spectacular recordings of world tours and stadium concerts, will also provide behind-the-scenes insight into the challenging history of becoming a superstar.

Here is a peck preview:

The film, Blackpink – The Movie, which is only released in cinemas worldwide for one night at a time, is a special gift to their fan camp called “Blink” to bring together the best moments of the band’s history and large-scale concerts. The film also features concert recordings of a number of their top songs, including ‘IN YOUR AREA’ (2018), ‘THE SHOW’ (2021), allowing fans of the K-pop genre to experience the Blackpink concert experience worldwide.

The film will be shown in more than 30 cinemas in Hungary, with Hungarian subtitles, only on 4 and 8 August. All the cinemas of the Cinema City network will be screened, and they will also be screened at the Corvin and Pólus Cinemas @ Budapest, the Urania National Film Theater and the Kultik Cinema @ Csepel.

A detailed list of screening locations can be found at – The-Movie.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment.

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