“Cult Cocktail” @ Castle Garden Bazaar Budapest

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A press conference was held this morning in the “Cultural Cocktail summer program offer at the Castle Garden Bazaar. The event was opened by Krisztina Sikota, Deputy General Manager of Tourism and Culture of Non-Profit Ltd.

The Castle Garden Bazaar “Cult Cocktail” – If you are thirsty for culture!” launched regarding to the summer program series here are the updates to the capital’s program offer,  enjoy and of course leaving the period of the epidemic more and more behind.

An essential part of the cultural effervescence of the Castle Garden Bazaar is the experience of light music in the open air. Special concerts at our unique venues in the heart of the city.

In addition to the already well-known program elements, the audience experience taste the brand new events.

Contributing guests were Orsi Kozma Orsi, a uniquely voiced singer-songwriter, spoke about the production of Let’s Swing K in the new series of the JazzBazaar, Orsi Kozma Quartet. Musician-singer Iván Vitáris, frontman of Ivan & The Parazol, talked about how a successful young band is playing rock’n’roll today in connection with their record presentation concert entitled Buda Pop. Choreographer-director Éva Duda presented the performance of the Duda Éva Company Prizma in the progressive series Dance in the Garden, the central theme of which is to cast our worldview into movements in the background situations caused by the pandemic.

Get into to Groove … 

On July 15, the young cult band of Ivan & The Parazol will return with a record presentation concert entitled Buda Pop in the courtyard of the Castle Garden Bazaar Foundry. This year it will be their first concert in Budapest, in addition, it is the first record in Hungarian entirely in the 11-year history of the band. Their goal is to create an album and production that knows no borders and shows how rock’n’roll is played today. The team’s backing band on this promising evening is Aurevoir also will be the ethno-beat band of young people from Zsámbék.

On July 22, Only One Evening, Swedish-Hungarian songwriter-singer Antonia Vai will perform with her latest songs, while Dóri Hegyi will combine different artistic directions in her music project called OHNODY. Antonia Vai will preforms in the courtyard of the Castle Garden Bazaar Foundry with new songs and more electronic sound, and the other performer of the evening, who debuted with exciting musical sounds, is the Artisjus Junior award-winning Dóri Hegyi.

All that’s Jazz

This year, the liberating races of jazz will add color to the music offerings of the Castle Garden Bazaar to broaden our music offerings, and every member of our audience will find a program to suit their musical tastes. JazzBazár offers an exciting selection of jazz genres with the help of outstanding Hungarian bands.

On July 23, one of the most popular Hungarian formations of the last ten years will perform for the first time: the versatile musicians of the Péter Sárik Trio will address a wide audience with their professional playing at the X Bartók evening to love Bartók’s music with those who have been averse to it.

On August 13, the next performance of JazzBazaar will be A Little Summer, a Little Moonlight. In addition to the arrangements of old Hungarian hits and jazz evergreens, special Balkan melodies will be performed at the summer concert of the musicians and wonderful guests of the Borbély Workshop. The guest of the event is Kátya Tompos Junior Prima and Jászai Award-winning actress.

On August 27, the popular Orsi Kozma Quartet will perform under the title Let’s Swing…. In the performance of one of the defining ensembles of Hungarian jazz life, world hits are heard in unadulterated swing processing. Orsi Kozma Orsi is a singer-songwriter with a unique voice moving onto the jazz. She previously was a member in the band Jazz + Az and later as a member of the Cotton Club Singers. Formed in 2008, her band consists of excellent jazz musicians. The Orsi Kozma Quartet’s first studio album, Hide and Seek, immediately became a Phonogram Award nominee in the jazz category, winning a special Jazzy Song Contest in 2009.

Contemporary Dance

The “Cult Cocktail” can not be absent without contemporary dance. The good news for fans of contemporary dance is that the progressive series called Dance in the Garden, featuring selected creators of contemporary dance, including renowned choreographers such as Adrienn Hód or Éva Duda, can be visited again this year. You can create your own discounted season ticket for the program series: 15% discount if you buy tickets for 4 different performances at the same time, 20% discount if you buy tickets for 5 different performances, and 25% discount if you buy tickets for 6 or more performances at the same time.

On July 18, in the production Beat, the creators, using the equivalent of new forms of relationship characteristic of today’s society, use different dance languages ​​to find their way to each other and present its absurdity, difficulties, and comic moments.

On July 25, in Hodworks’s Pirkad, the naked body will inevitably come to the forefront of attention.

On August 1, Long time no see! his performance will be shown, which talks about the co-operation, similarities and differences of a Hungarian and a Finnish dancer-choreographer with the help of the common language of communication, dance.

On August 15, „The Dark Night of the Soul” focuses on experiencing mystical unity and then the complete absence of God’s presence based on St. John the Cross, the art of dance. What does an artist do during his own dark night experience with himself and his art? See at the dance night.

On August 22, the performance of the Duda Éva Company, Prizma, will be shown, the central theme of which is the reversed worldview caused by the pandemic. Closedness, distance, caution changed our daily lives, but most of all our relationships, our relationship systems, our daily actions. All of these changes have been a great breeding ground for dramatic and banal situations in which the company tries to move our fears and sources of joy into movement, into shapes, to turn the magnified moments of our desires, feelings of lack and daily activities into dances.

Popular exhibitions for the visitors will be throughout the summertime by free of charge on the spot. Further information about the ticket prices log onto Várkert Bazár website, www.varkertbazar.hu.

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