Frank Zappa Documentary @ Budapest & around Hungary 2021.

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From the 1st of July, a documentary on the career of Frank Zappa, one of the legendary figures in rock history, will arrive to hungarian cinemas, with special never-before-seen footage from the Zappa family archive. The film is shown in Budapest at the Uránia NationalFilm Theater and in many art cinemas throughout the country.

The production of the portrait film Zappa, which will be released in cinemas in the spirit of a “fans for fans” approach, was originally started with crowdfunding, which was joined by many people around the world with micro-donations. Later, the Zappa family took note of the initiative and joined the supporters and professional partners: one of Frank Zappa’s sons, Ahmet Zappa, was a producer on the film. 

Thanks to the family’s support, exclusive, never-before-seen archive footage and face-to-face interviews reveal the life, art career, and personal history of one of the most charismatic musical geniuses of the 20th century – including his political stance, which he never hid under a veil. 
“With the Zappa movie, you get a glimpse into the mind of a genius… and then you’ll see the world differently,” the Critic for The Boston Globe wrote about the film.

The film will be shown in hungarian cinemas from July, 1.with Hungarian subtitles, in the distribution of Pannonia Entertainment. It is only shown in the Uránia National Film Theater at Budapest and is shown around several art cinemas throughout the country, including Pécs, Miskolc, Szombathely, Cegléden, Szentendre and Jászberény.

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