Best Art Vinyl 2020 Award Winners

Wall vinyl record display – courtesy of Art Vinyl.

„Q” – But what is actually Art Vinyl? When was it founded?
„A” – Perfect for music and/or art enthusiasts for stylish interior design. Founded in London, England in 2005.

The first real champions of Art & Design for vinyl records. Art Vinyl also curate exhibitions celebrating the best in sleeve design. Perfect for music or art enthusiasts. Art Vinyl is the original way to display favorit vinyl records. Album covers even from the late 60s have a special place to music lovers and goes perfectly in use for stylish interior design. The Art & Design for vinyl records  each year hold curate exhibitions celebrating the best in sleeve design.
Without a safe environment to present the 16th Best Art Vinyl Award, hoping will at least enjoy a virtual tour around this year’s 50 nominations …  so said by the organisers. The annual Best at Art Vinyl Award 2020 showcase went virtual this year, where visitors could have had viewed the album cover artwork up close and vote for their favorit one.

Latest information to the Best Art Vinyl 2020 Award Winners

Artwork by Russell Oliver for IDLES album ‘Ultra Mono’
Design Chris Peyton at VVVOID for Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets album ‘Live at the Roundhouse’
Photography Maria Lax and Graphic Design David Kitson for Doves album ‘The Universal Want’

See above Image of 2020, the massive pink ball representing the band’s ‘unstoppable and unavoidable’ ideal of love and acceptance, colliding forcefully with any opposition. A message of Positivity against Adversity … something we’ve all had to embrace this year!

Good to know about the frames
– Play & Display Flip Frames: The unique Play & Display Flip Frame gives the chance to stylishly display own favorit vinyl albums or 12″ singles and their contents on your wall. With this record frame’s unique design, may also change over the display within seconds, without having to remove the frame from the wall. The Flip Frame has a unique quick release system – simply press the catch at the top and it will hinge open. The Flip Frames UV protected crystal clear front window brings out every detail of favorit album artwork, while protecting precious vinyl from sunlight, dust and with the back plate of the frame, soft pads at each corner ensure that the frame sits neatly against your wall

No two records are alike
– with this in mind the Flip Frames are specially designed to compensate for differences in the thickness of LP or 12″ records when displayed in the frame. This is achieved thanks to the unique ‘sponge finger’ system on the back of the Flip Frame, which ensures that any 12″ record will fit comfortably and securely inside.

Superb display for a lifetime as you can change your display over time  to your own beloved album cover framed into vinyl art.

© Aggie Reiter

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