Countdown … Worldwide John Lennon Virtual Celebration


A notable occasion is approaching, John Lennon would be 80 years old.

This coming weekend will be very busy for “The Bits” and all Beatles fans as well. Thanks to the We Love The Beatles Facebook page the world’s big shoot to join the video premiere.

On John Lennon’s 80th birthday we celebrate his works with his bests songs from special guests and the best Beatles tribute bands from all over the world. Join the free event and stay tuned for the free video premiere!

Within the free online event over 60 artists from all over the World commemorate the works of Lennon’s best songs.

The Bits band will also be attending the worldwide commemoration of John Lennon’s 80th birthday.  May also celebrate “come together” by joining the event and following the festive video sharp at 9 p.m. –  October, 9. 2020. – Budapest.

The live video premiere will be aired London 8 p.m.(GMT) – New York 3 p.m. – Los Angeles 12 p.m. –  Berlin 9 p.m. – Tokyo 4 a.m. (October 10)


On the day after John Lennon’s birthday, Hungarians can celebrate live John’s best compositions held by The Bits band. The special concert will also feature Lennon songs – Worldwide John Lennon Virtual Celebration.

A special concert will also feature Lennon songs by The Bits – the Beatles tribute band playing Beatles songs live on
stage sticking to the original English lyrics and the sound, vocals and feeling hence recreating the ’60s Beatles feeling. This will be a special concert dedicated to John Lennon.

Save the Date and Time: October, 10. 2020. – 8 p.m.
Location: Muzikum Klub – District, VIII. 7. Muzeum Blvd. – Budapest

Ticket price in advance: 2000HUF (through online) –  On the spot 2500HUF

Due to Covid restrictions, please adhere to Muzikum’s regulations to enter the concert.

Recomandation by Aggie Reiter

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