Byzantine New Year  – Indiktion Concert @ Budapest 2020

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Friday, September, 4.  – 7.30 p.m.

Byzantine New Year  – Indiktion Concert

  Downtown  Budapest – Assumption Parish Church (Belvárosi Nagyboldogasszony Főplébániatemplom)

Saint Ephraim Male Choir (Szent Efrém Férfikar)  and the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir singing as part of the Orientale lumen series.

District, V., Március 15. Budapest

The date of the concert in the Eastern Church is very close to the starting day of the indiktion new church year.

The performers will recall musical pieces related to renewal, the “new man”. After the ending of the first half of 2020, this autumn is truly a new beginning, which carries hope, so the prayers, motets, liturgy details proclaim confidence, faith in the future. Works by Bortnyansky, Rachmaninov, János Boksay, Kodály, Kocsár, Holst, Lotti, Martini, Victoria
and Palestrina and among others.

The 1st of September is the start of school year here in Hungary, but it is the beginning day of the new church year in the Eastern Church since the 4th century. The date of the restart of the Orientale lumen series – that was suspended due to the epidemic. This will be a glorious day on which performers will recall works of Christian music related to renewal, the “new man”. At the concert, one of the best-known representatives of Hungarian choral culture, the multi-award winning, internationally recognized Pro Musica Girls’ Choir, will be the guest of the Szent
Efrém Men’s Choir, led by Dénes Szabó.

The St. Ephrem Men’s Choir has been organizing the Orientale lumen series since 2011, where the most beautiful compositions of Christian church music of Eastern rite are performed in the interpretation of internationally known soloists and star ensembles.

The Pro Musica Girls’ Choir, founded in 1986 and awarded the European Grand Prize for Hungarian Heritage and is one of the world’s leading choirs. The leader of the choir is Dénes Szabó, who received the Ferenc Liszt Prize in 1985, the Béla Bartók Prize – Ditta Pásztory Prize in 1993 and the Kossuth Prize in 2000 in recognition of his outstanding artistic activity.

During the evening Works by Bortnyansky, Rachmaninov, János Boksay, Kodály, Kocsár, Holst, Lotti, Martini, Victoria and Palestrina, among others, will be performed.

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