Back to the Future from 1952 to 2020 @ Budapest

Drive in movie theater opening June, 3. 2020.

Park-In Theaters–the term “drive-in” came to be widely used only later–was the brainchild of Richard Hollingshead, a movie fan and a sales manager at his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products, in Camden. Reportedly inspired by his mother’s struggle to sit comfortably intraditional movie theater seats, Hollingshead came up with the idea of an open-air theater where patrons watched movies in the comfort of their own automobiles. He then experimented in the driveway of his own house with different projection and sound techniques, mounting a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car, pinning a screen to some trees, and placing a radio behind the screen for sound. He also tested ways to guard against rain and other inclement weather, and devised the ideal spacing arrangement for a number of cars so that all would have a view of the screen.

In 1933, eager motorists park their automobiles on the grounds at Park-In Theaters, and that was
the first-ever drive-in movie theater, located at New Jersey.

 Paris was the first innovation centers of the diffusion process in the sense of HÄGERSTRAND (1952) were the big cities of Europe, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.

Decades have past and the large outdoor movie screen, projection booth, and the large parking area for automobiles seemed to have disappear, BUT lately since the virus keep folks from moving out from their home watching the movie channel.  The cinema season is starting again – with the still-threatening epidemic, everyone can watch the cult classics from the safety of a car.

As the number of effected patients spreading the virus became lower, many wish to go back to live the way they did before, brighten up  their evening/nights more than  ever. Therefore the drive in movie theater welcomes movie lovers at the  Westend Drive-In Cinema to be open for the first time on

June, 3. 2020 @ Budapest. Gate open 7.30 p.m. Screenings 9 p.m.

At the opening will be screened for the movie lover to watch the indefatigable favorite The Great Lebowski, followed by masterpieces such as American Beauty, Joker, Grease and Back to the Future in the coming days. With Subtitles HUN/ENG. Those interested can always find the current program on the Budapest Rooftop Cinema website.

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