Herald News: Gyula Castle Bath Reopening!

During the period to the forced shutdown the exhibition venues and the numerous accommodations of the city is getting back on its tracks. The spa has undergone a number of renovations and maintenance to receive guests wishing to relax with appropriate security measures. The Gyula Castle Bath and its venue will be wide open also to the domestic tourism.

Herald News: With the further easing of the measures was announced due to the corona virus epidemic on May, 14. 2020., that the Gyula Castle Bath will open its doors and receive its guests again from Saturday, May, 30. 2020. Indeed it was a long in waiting to reopening one of the best thermal bath in Hungary at the City of Gyula.

Again the guests who wish to relax, enjoy the full range of services with the right security measures Gyula can finally show itself and its values to their visitors enjoy it in the safest possible conditions. That is why they also ask their guests to kindly cooperate in order to protect the health of visitors and their colleagues.

The spa will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the necessary restrictions. Entry is possible at the Stone Bridge. The operating pools: the Children’s Water Paradise will be for the time being without the usual experience elements. The wave pool without the waves, the slide pool with slides and the water trail. Most of all the pools can be only operated with a capacity.

Admission can be purchased at unit price of 990HUF, under the age of 6 is free.

©Aggie Reiter

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