Hans Zimmer concert was a gigantic success @ Budapest – 2020

Hans Zimmer’s Concert Show @ Budapest blew up the László Papp Sport Arena.


The concert show began with Batman Beginnings movie music and a gigantic laser show in the background. The audience began the concert with a full catharsis of spectacle and sound. By the end of the one-and-a-half-hour concert show, the full-house László Papp Sport Aréna did not want to let the artists off the stage.
Hans Zimmer is Hollywood’s most sought-after film composer, who has written music for more than 100 movies – totaling over 24 billion USD The mega-production he dreamed of, curated and directed by Hans Zimmer, set off for a European concert tour, one of the important stops of which was Budapest.
The composer provided a rich experience for concertgoers, which deservedly quickly became a must-see show all over the world, just because of the author’s many decades of stunning career.

By all means if anyone couldn’t make it to the concert, then heads up because in the spring of 2019, Sony Classical released the movie soundtrack on the double album “The World of Hans Zimmer – The Symphonic Celebration”. The album featured music from the concert tour and featured newly staged concert renditions of Hans Zimmer’s greatest hits and may enjoy the magical floating sounds in their own environment.

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