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Next-generation technology for ultimate skin rejuvenation held a presentation on “I SkinCare”  located in the heart of the inner city with easy access, near the Parliament – Doctor and Aesthetics Center @ Alkotmány Street – Budapest, offering tailored skincare treatments to fit individual skin care needs. by Gabriella Zeőke, skin therapist at Royal Clinics.  The topics: description of the renewed Image Skincare Ormedic product line. Introducing the new Image Skincare Ormedic treatment. Proper use of the updated Image Skincare Ormedic products

Intro: The result, by personalized treatment will gain a maximum outcome. All „I Image” Skincare products are manufactured in the USA and are unparalleled in their quality in today’s marketplace.  „I Image” Skincare is one of the first skincare companies that began to remove parabens from its products in early 2007. They put great emphasis on replacing every skin with a lack of substances. Their philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results. Their latest technology and equipment, offers the best skincare results.

The dermatologists claim that so far the most effective non-invasive technology been to tighten skin, raise eyebrows, reduce wrinkles, but change has come … is at the doorstep … in lifting the pouch and neck without the knife intervention.

BUT … This is not achievable in one day, as Rome was not built in a day. Neither the blemishes, the mimic wrinkles, appear overnight on our face. Of course, you need patience and perseverance, as well as the guidance of a trained professional! Followed by a home treatment to achieve more results than a cleansing treatment at a simple cosmetic salon.

Talked about the first step when receiving the patient by own specialist who will assess the skin condition with instrumental and in filling a health questionnaire to future to compare the results. Need to know in advance whether there is any allergic problem or not, so that the care will not disturb in achieving the goals to the patient. The skin-based product line based on each other. Cleanser, Active Serum, Vitamin C Enriched and Sunscreen. What is most important to note that all “I IMAGE” Skin Care products are excluded from extract only natural herbal materials are in use from those countries where these herbals grown in their original environment and nowhere else. „I Image” Skincare utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas available. It is Paraben Free and offers safe products without the use of chemical preservatives that are harmful to the skin. In addition replaced by all chemical preservatives, with natural and plant-derived preservatives.

After the presentation offered an appointment by invitation testing their products. Thereafter, payed my first visit to this salon. Did not know really know the outcome, what to expect, but received one-on-one relationship when visiting them. Entering the salon saw it was, bright, airy, very clean, great beautician. My therapist was the same who gave earlier the presentation. Had great knowledge in skincare and also with their skincare products. The medical background and experienced staff, using up-to-date, latest technology and equipment and the internationally known active substances represented the best treatment program in achieving the goals for the patient.

First went through to fill a questionnaire, then followed by instrumental examination of the face.  Based on the test samples were given a four step sample for home use experience. After trying the samples welcoming back to hear about their experience and to talk about further needs. Whether have not found your need for skincare solutions to improve signs of aging or brighten dull skin, it’s worth to considering to make a visit there …. it is a line worth considering. They teach their patients which suits their skin the best in simple four-step system of cleansing, boosting, hydrating and protecting fresh, healthy and radiant skin.

Benefits of  “I Image” Skincare products not tested on animals –  No petrochemicals – No chemical preservatives -Fragrance composed with 100% essential oils – Respect of the environment – No parabens. Their products are available for purchase also on the spot. Highly recommended to gain own experiences!

Needless to say, need patience and perseverance, as well as the guidance of a trained professional! Followed by a home treatment, to achieve more results than just a cleansing treatment at a simple cosmetic salon. Overall really great experience.

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