Veresi Tomato Plantation @ premises of Veresegyháza – Hungary

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By invitation took a visit to the 3 acre greenhouse at Veresi Tomato Ltd. The importance of switching to digital precision farming was the main topic for the invited competent speakers.

A few words were told about the coming PREGA Conference and Exhibition on February 18-19. to be held this year. Its main theme is the transition to precision farming that is essential for competitive agriculture. Smaller businesses can also participate. It is in the interest of conversion, as precision farming promises greater crop safety while lowering costs.

Talked about the use of precision farming is “moving forward” in the world. Producers are transforming their economies to take advantage of new technologies, which are growing by 5 to 10 percent a year.

In the 21st century the digitalisation is a Globe fact in many fields. Import the Production, Processing and Distribution Chains of tomatoes will be able to follow through the QR code Where, How it was cultivate and how it reached the consumer.

The Spectral LED-based artificial lighting for horticulture, research and development on an industrial scale has not yet occurred all around the world. After the transfer of the greenhouse, Veresi Tomato Ltd. meters high tomato on straw bales are bedded.

After the presentations took place visiting the greenhouse plantation. Seeing the plantation and the optimized spectrum LED lighting was also fascinating.

My question was … Can a greenhouse tomato be healthier than an outdoor one? No matter how surprising was the answer was YES! Was told that when growing outdoors, it is not really possible to control what other substances the vegetable absorbs with water. Groundwater may contain chemicals that have been released into the soil for many-many decades. At the Veresi Tomato Plant, the tomato stems are in coconut fiber cushions. Checking the quality of the water in use to water the plant. This is what controlled cultivation means. No tomato can contain material which they do not know or they do not want them to get into. What there they the tomatoes is you to get only Nutrient. Today’s generation still remember granny’s garden int he countryside where the tomatoes tasted as tomatoes sweet in flavor. Here at the Veresi Plantation brings back that divine taste, enjoying the quality and the heavenly taste speaks for itself.

At the tomato plantation, you can get to know the different (by number) sweet tomatoes, see the pollination of the bees, and the working hands as the ripe bunches were collected and prepared in box to ship to the shopping mall.

The Grapes: Brix value is 12, which is similar to grapes. This is a premium tomato specialty with small berries, which is grown only in Hungary. There is no match for freshly picked tomatoes.

There they have an education center as well, where it is possible to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of various cultivation technologies, to spread misunderstandings about greenhouse cultivation technology and to conduct variety experiments based on the climatic conditions of the Carpathian Basin.

Need not look any further … Premium Tomatoes All Year Around can be  bought from the Veresi Tomato Green-House Plantation.

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