Exclusive Wine Tasting @ METRO Sirha Booth – HUNGEXPO – Budapest- 2020

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Thursday,  February,6, at the Hungexpo held the most outstanding food and HoReCA trade show of the year in 2020, The highlight was for winelovers to attend at an exclusive wine tasting at the METRO – SIRHA booth. The prestigious professional sponsor of the prestigious event was METRO Wholesaler Ltd. Their stand was out at  thousand square meters displaying a variety of food and showcased other items.

In the Hungarian season, they buy most of our produce from domestic producers, while in the winter season and for products where domestic production is not possible, most of our fruit is sourced directly from Spain and Greece. fresh vegetables.

A wide selection of fresh meats from which to choose the most appropriate addition to our country’s high-quality products from many countries out 6 days a week.

The priority for METRO Wholesaler LTD., is to offer an appropriate selection of both wine and champagne for gastronomy, retailers and wine lovers.  Their customers make up the vast majority assortment of Hungarian wines in addition to the known producers. Their main goal is to introduce new, emerging wineries. Here at the SIRHA stand also was an opportunity to introduce wines available mostly at the METRO Ltd.  At the wine tastings from renowned wineries such as Koch Winery or Tamás Günzer Winery welcomed the visitors. Also at the wine tasting, the Paangold and Varga Winery wines were on the spot.  Other renowned Hungarian wineries also held wine tasting: Polgár Winery, Paangold, Varga Winery and Villa Sandi.

The METRO Wholesale Ltd. place great emphasis beside the know producers on giving new emerging wineries the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Beside the  METRO’s own branded White wines  with  Italian and New Zealand flavors, Red wines with Italian and French offerings and French Rosé wines were introduced at the SIRHA stand.

Update – snaps © Aggie Reiter

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