The 3rd. “BorMedence” (WineValleys) @ Budapest – 2019

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This year the  „BorMedence” – (WineValley) held again for the third occasion largest Carpathian tasting gathering –  Festetics Palace – Budapest.

According to the tradition wine village, wine region from the mainland and across the neighboring border of the Carpathian Basin were invited to this year gathering.  The day reflected not only in the selection of wines, but also in music and gastronomy. The event was organized to promote Hungarian wine culture and  thereon from the Carpathian Basin. In 2019 honorary guests wine makers came from across the border:  the Garam mente (Highlands) and Belhon -Somló Hill (Balaton Wine Region).

This year proven by the numbers: 50 exhibitors, 14 historic region, 150 wines to please the wine lover audience. There were as well two master classes: focus on grape and wine varieties of the Carpathian Basin and Central Europe (Monarchy wines, Tokaj, Highland and Somló specialties).

To list all 50 winemakers would be as a small novel, so only a few are mentioned … So … whether you are new wine traveler or a discriminating wine aficionado, there are several wine regions in Hungary and  across the boarder worth visiting that were to explore at the “BorMedence” – (WineValley)  tasting.

On the press blvd, several winemakers were featured, learned about their culture rolling on the wine tour which absolutely was great way to hear about their history not only for the locals but for so many foreigners being on the spot.

The Mátra wine region located about 80 kilometers from Budapest. An unusually high concentration of volcanic mountain ranges in the northern part of the country produce wonderfully mineral-rich wines of the Mátra region. Mátra is Hungary’s second largest wine region. Wine growing and viniculture in the Mátra region was established prior to the arrival of the Magyars in the Carpathian Basin and the first written accounts referring to wine making date back to the 11th century. Their grape varieties are: Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) which is the most common type of vine planted in the region. The varieties include Chardonnay, Rizlingszilváni, Leányka, Muscat Ottonel, Tramini and Sauvignon Blanc. The Mátra Mountains with their moderate climate and protected areas provide perfect growing conditions for the local vineyards. The Mátra region’s soil is varied, lacking lime, pannonian clay rich in nutrients, volcanic andesite, andesite tufa and liparite tufa. After great deforestations, the soil became some places chernozem. The lecture was bit longer than expected, but worthwhile in discovering the  wines. The Dominium Winery introduced a grate selection of the products and tasting each bottled wine from different years gave different experience and different after taste. Their late-harvesting wine was amazing, simply mouthwatering.

To relax and enjoy the taste of the King of Wines  from Tarcal – HungaryTokajicum Sárgamuskotály 2018.  was no surprise for those who have had  tasted the wines from Tokaj.  The aroma is dominated by the muscatel character, complemented by lime and grapefruit. With its flattering scent and pleasant residual sugar content, it is a real treat for sweet wine lovers. It is recommended to consume at 9 ° C. Hand harvested. Alcohol content: 11.5% .The 20-hectare vineyard is located in an unrivaled location. Its panorama is smooth as the wines and fantastic view of the southern tip of the Bald Mountain. According to archival sources, the estate still surrounded by vineyards used to be the property of Count Andrássy. All of their vineyards are located in first-class, famous historic vineyards.

In addition to the well-known wineries in Hungary and abroad, also invited some lesser-known but also excellent winemakers from non-Hungarian winemakers from around the Carpathian Basin. Main purpose to introduce the boundless wine culture of the Carpathian Basin and its various regions.

The wine making began for myself in 2006 under the care of his father’s estate vineyard. The aim was to make wine in the Kali Basin side of the mountains, which offer an unforgettable experience for the consumer. The geologic history formed the Balaton Uplands into a spectual landscape worth to step on its soil. It risen from the ancient Pannonian Sea. The soil  forming on top of volcanic mountains. The Mediterrenean subclimate made this land an inspirational place for many generation throughout the history, so was told by Gyula Szabó mine maker from Köveskál.

The Simonfay Wine Mansion was founded in 2004 by Dr. Géza Simonfay at Tarcal and have been developing and expanding since then. The Simonfay wines are of high quality, the grape’s nutrient medium is given by the Tokaji declivity’s the Barackos vineyard. The first Hárslevelű (Hungarian grape variety from Pontian Balcanica branch of Vitis vinifera) bottled wine was produced in 2006. Furmint grapes and wine made from dry one specific privilege for a long time which was only a “by-product” of Tokaj. Solely white wine is produced in this region. However the emphasis is no longer put on the production of dessert wine but also on the production of dry wine. Still to-day the most famous and worldwide known unique wine from Tokaj is the Tokaj Aszú (Ausbruchwein) an Austrian wine term literary meaning … break-out wine!  Nevertheless the white wines of Tokaji are sweet, semi-sweet flavor that appears dominantly, although the excellent properties of Simonfay wines include the dry Furmint as well.

IstvánPince – Ipolyság – Kálvária winery – Slovakia. Quality wines on the desk for tasting hit one of the top by many tasters. There were more than ten wines in the “battle of tasting”, Sárgamuskotály, Pészeki Leányka, Király Leányka and last but not least have to highlight the “Zenit semi-sweet 2018 amazing wine in every sence. Very body wines with fresh tastes. Beside visiting their winery may also host up to 90-100 guests at the same time with 30 accommodations. Naturally have to make reservation in advance. István winery is on the top of the Kálvária Hill at Ipolyság. Several of his wines have already won medals in various competitions. Bottling and labeling of bottles takes place in the cellars inherited from his grandfather. Since there are seven István names among his ancestors, the choice of name is taxed before their honor. They hold advance bookings in wine tasting from their own wines with and specially select wines within the wine dinners. István Cellar and Pension is an ideal choice for many types of events. There is also a wine bar in the building and the tired traveler can have a peaceful dream in the tastefully furnished rooms told by István.

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