BARTÓK+ Opera Festival – Miskolc – Hungary 2019

Between 14 – 23. June. 2019- the National Theater of Miskolc – The Bartók+ Opera Festival in Miskolc will be held a cultural event at the City of Miskolc, which is the capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county – Hungary. The event offers a selection of opera performances, presentation of the works of the world famous composers. The festival has been hosting world-famous Hungarian artists and international operas, and almost all major opera companies in Eastern-Central Europe are introduced.

In a few years, the opera festival made Miskolc the citadel of Central European opera life. The event is considered the most important Bartók festival, which also enjoys the support of the Bartók heirs. One of the main tasks of the Bartók + opera festival is to cultivate Béla Bartók’s oeuvr. Theatrical and orchestral works presenting such a permanent part in the festival program.

At The Bartók+ Festival  2019, press call Gergely Kesselyák  festival director opened with his presentation by saying: Q.: “Music is one of the most beautiful gifts of human kind. It is a message, a part of the knowledge of the Universe, understood by our practiced fellow-creatures, the composers, who are psychics transforming it understandable for us simple mortals. During the last 100 years this deepest essence of a composer’s profession was lost sight by so many, that contemporary classical music has become an issue of a small professional circle, and lost its connection with the audience. We have to say clearly, that it is wrong, the king is naked and have to say clearly that this must change. We must help composers and the audience to find each other again to re-establish the way of the world.” 

Despite of Péter Eötvös composer/conductor‘s many busy activities, he nevertheless managed to come to the press conference and spoke about  “The Golden Dragon” Opera to be jointly on stage at Miskolc with Israeli contemporary artists on Sunday, June. 16. 2019. – 7 p.m.  at National Theater – Grand Theater- Miskolc. On May, 29. 2019 the opera will be introduced in Tel-Aviv – Jaffo Theater with the israeli contemporary co. arists.

“The Golden Dragon” is an opera by Hungarian composer Péter Eötvös to a libretto by Roland Schimmelpfennig, based on his play of the same name and at Bartok+ Opera Festival media gathering, briefly Mr.Eötvös talked about the play and opera itself. Q.: “The story begins in a Chinese restaurant, where a cook, the Little Chinese, suffers from toothache. As an illegal immigrant, he avoids seeing a dentist. When the tooth is extracted unprofessional in the kitchen, he bleeds to death. The story is both tragic and comic, absurd, grotesque and enigmatic. The music adds even more dimensions, revealing connections and psychological aspects. It uses parlando style at many scenes, but reserves a final monologue of farewell to the Little Chinese.”

The Bartók Plus Opera Festival program of 2019 opens with Gala concert on Friday, 14. June. 8 p.m. at the Miskolc National Theater – Grand Theater. Performances by Aldo FINZI, Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD, Dmitry SOSZTAKOVICS, Giacomo PUCCINI and Albin FRIES will be on stage by solists: Ágnes Molnár, Brigitta Kele, Csilla Boros, Szabolcs Brickner, Nutthaporn Thammathi. Conductor – Gergely Kesselyák –  Contributors: Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus. 

Further, Day-by Day programs can be followed in English:


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