Pope Francis – Pilgrim Trip – Csíksomlyó -Transylvania

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At the royal waiting room of the Western Railway Station Budapest  representatives of the MÁV-START Ltd. jointly with the Mission Tours Travel Agency announced the following: Keeping the tradition for over the past 8 years to  travel to Csíksomlyó/Transylvania Pentecostal pilgrimage is kept in 2019 as well. The traveling route time is around 20’H and thereafter a short walk to the venue itself. This year for the first time there will be separate wagons for the disabled individuals and for bicycles. Families can also travel comfortably. The travelers may receive jointly spiritual healing from a spiritual leader on the train, giving the travelers peace and harmony during the travel. There will be two wagon to carry the needy, orphan, children with foster parents.

The Csíksomlyó Pilgrimage is to honor the miraculous Virgin Mary statue held at Pentecost every year, and the papal to visit for the first time this year to Csíksomlyó where many Hungarians live will hold a mass at the venue one week earlier this year. Pope Francis visit is due to June, 1. 2019.  The pilgrimage train to Csíksomlyó is especially organized in connection to this event.

The Blessed Virgin Pentecostal Pilgrimage Train to Csíksomlyó, will operated by three-piece assembly, complemented by a multi-purpose InterCity + wagon in the morning hours.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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