Fall’s Harvest Wines at Szépasszonyvölgy

Szépasszonyvölgy is the place of wine specialties. Definitely pop over whilst visiting Eger. Since more than a generation, the city has been the largest contiguous wine cellar in Heves county. There are more than 200 gastronomic units in the area. This part of Eger has gained national reputation thanks to local wines and wine specialties.

The Fall is in the air and the harvest programs are coming to the Szépasszonyvölgy with abundant gastronomy and cultural offerings. When visiting the cellars, visitors will experience the locals are trying to attract even more guests with something special everywhere … their cake, fat bread is the most popular, but also some cellars offering such as quince, hazelnuts, wine beans and vine syrup.

“The Fall’s Harvest”, which preserves the traditions while at the same time satisfying the expectations of today’s expectations.

Music, Dance and Food Specialties between September 21-23. at the Szépasszonyvölgy. All those who will be visiting the valley of Eger during the 3 days harvest festival are guaranteed to take part and enjoy the unforgettable entertainment thanks to the Eger’s open-air wine cellar festival.

Update Aggie Reiter

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